Month: January 2014

Black on Black {Week 4/53}

Spent the entire week cramming my head with mathematical equations and economic terms (much joy; many interesting). Joined T for Chinese New Year shopping on Sunday to help him choose new clothes to go visiting.

Photo 26-1-14 3 58 22 pm

Photo 26-1-14 3 59 36 pm

Trolling about Cineleisure; cutest boy on Planet Earth

Photo 26-1-14 3 57 13 pm

“Can you help me take a candid ootd.. No not like that!!!”

Photo 26-1-14 4 02 26 pmPhoto 26-1-14 4 02 32 pmPhoto 26-1-14 4 04 39 pmPhoto 26-1-14 5 18 43 pmPhoto 26-1-14 4 05 05 pm(^ Puzzled by Ang Baos that resemble Bak Kwa. )

It’s kinda obvious that I really love the colour black. I attempted to add a pop of colour with a neon yellow cardigan as seen on top but Singapore’s weather was too stifling for it. Managed to get a new pair of shoes (to add on to my 87625374283 pairs that I already own) for CNY which I’ll show you guys in my next post 🙂

Outfit: Star Wars Shirt- Junk Food Clothing, Pleather Skirt- *Scape, Black Flats- Pedder Red, Black Sling Bag- Coach c/o the mother for christmas

Happy Chinese New Year and have a great long weekend ahead.


Week 3/53

I’ve decided to at least attempt a weekly post for 2k14 for my humble readers aka my mum and T.
I think I’m probably the only person that really enjoys school and Mondays.
Left school at 1 to pass flyers to O level kiddos, and while everyone was at 5pm torture class I was on my way to the hospital for physiotherapy.
Woke up the next day with my knees feeling like jelly which was apparently a side effect of the traction machine from the previous day 😞. Spent our 3rd at the hospital (again) to see the sports doctor.
Wednesday was a blast. Spent the whole day being cheerful and eating cupcakes. By the time I reached home my knee issue from Tuesday spread some burning pain to the rest of my body. Collapsed on my bed immediately 😞
Missed school on Thursday. Basically slept from 10 pm to 2pm. Woke up to see the doctor and rolled around till picked up the energy to get some work done.
Friday’s most exciting event was probably cutting up boards with Melissa during council. My ideas and her OCD really go hand in hand 💖. By 4pm my back felt like rabid monkey bit it and the virus  colonized my entire spine; using my back muscles as raw materials to create a virus large enough to engulf me. No question I went home and crashed.
The weekend was filled with quality time with T. We are basically living in the library burning our weekends discussing why cis isomers have a higher boiling point than trans.
‘Twas a good week, couldn’t have asked for more😌


Why I Hate Broccoli

Behold: The broccoli

If you know me well, you’d probably know that I legit hate vegetables. As a child I could eat a spoon full of rice and detect a single pea in the mix and spit it out instantaneously. Resultantly, my first encounter with broccoli was only in sec 2 when my good friend Mae was raving to me about how she loved broccoli and that she was so happy that she had some for recess that day (we were really kewl kids back in the day). Being the adventurous spirit that I was, I thought I’d give it a try I mean if so many people loved it, it had to be good right? Wrongzxzz (Z’s and X’s meant for emphasis for maximum passion). The moment I put it in my mouth and the florets descended upon my tongue I spat it out and washed my mouth with water.

**Just to clarify, I don’t hate it because of my then loathe for vegetables. I’m 17 now and I can eat salads just fine. It was only this year that I could put my tongue on why it really disgusted me.**

Bottom line is: Broccoli is pubes of the vegetable world

Please do not be mistaken, I’d like to point out that I have never put pubes in my mouth (not anyone else’s or my own). But if I ever did (which I never will because it iz gross bomb 101) I am guessing it will feel like raw broccoli florets. And just like pubes, people either hate or love broccoli. And I unfortunately hate it.

ps: do not think that i am trying to say that everyone who loves broccoli loves pubes because that is ridiculous o.o

pps: this was a shit ass post that I thought would be funny because i really wanted to share that broccoli was like pubes and 140 word limit on twitter prevented me from doing so. Don’t take me seriously I am not a weirdo, I swear.

HAHAHAH happy new year everybody