Week 3/53

I’ve decided to at least attempt a weekly post for 2k14 for my humble readers aka my mum and T.
I think I’m probably the only person that really enjoys school and Mondays.
Left school at 1 to pass flyers to O level kiddos, and while everyone was at 5pm torture class I was on my way to the hospital for physiotherapy.
Woke up the next day with my knees feeling like jelly which was apparently a side effect of the traction machine from the previous day 😞. Spent our 3rd at the hospital (again) to see the sports doctor.
Wednesday was a blast. Spent the whole day being cheerful and eating cupcakes. By the time I reached home my knee issue from Tuesday spread some burning pain to the rest of my body. Collapsed on my bed immediately 😞
Missed school on Thursday. Basically slept from 10 pm to 2pm. Woke up to see the doctor and rolled around till picked up the energy to get some work done.
Friday’s most exciting event was probably cutting up boards with Melissa during council. My ideas and her OCD really go hand in hand 💖. By 4pm my back felt like rabid monkey bit it and the virus  colonized my entire spine; using my back muscles as raw materials to create a virus large enough to engulf me. No question I went home and crashed.
The weekend was filled with quality time with T. We are basically living in the library burning our weekends discussing why cis isomers have a higher boiling point than trans.
‘Twas a good week, couldn’t have asked for more😌



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