Black on Black {Week 4/53}

Spent the entire week cramming my head with mathematical equations and economic terms (much joy; many interesting). Joined T for Chinese New Year shopping on Sunday to help him choose new clothes to go visiting.

Photo 26-1-14 3 58 22 pm

Photo 26-1-14 3 59 36 pm

Trolling about Cineleisure; cutest boy on Planet Earth

Photo 26-1-14 3 57 13 pm

“Can you help me take a candid ootd.. No not like that!!!”

Photo 26-1-14 4 02 26 pmPhoto 26-1-14 4 02 32 pmPhoto 26-1-14 4 04 39 pmPhoto 26-1-14 5 18 43 pmPhoto 26-1-14 4 05 05 pm(^ Puzzled by Ang Baos that resemble Bak Kwa. )

It’s kinda obvious that I really love the colour black. I attempted to add a pop of colour with a neon yellow cardigan as seen on top but Singapore’s weather was too stifling for it. Managed to get a new pair of shoes (to add on to my 87625374283 pairs that I already own) for CNY which I’ll show you guys in my next post 🙂

Outfit: Star Wars Shirt- Junk Food Clothing, Pleather Skirt- *Scape, Black Flats- Pedder Red, Black Sling Bag- Coach c/o the mother for christmas

Happy Chinese New Year and have a great long weekend ahead.



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