I don’t like coffee

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Mother has really caught the coffee bug, not just regular coffee she’s into artisan coffee where they age beans to the day and weigh the amount of milk they put in. I’ve stopped drinking coffee since I was 15 so the only real thing I benefit from is getting to eat expensive café food. Eggs Ben, quiche, salads with vegetables I do not know the names of- basically everything my wallet cannot handle. Ordered a quiche lorraine and got a spinach quiche instead (???). Mother had salted caramel waffles and a latte and an espresso.. waiter was also highly taken aback when she questioned what blend of beans they used and what the flavour of their coffee was. He had to constantly move back and forth to answer her queries. She really is a gem :’) Food was on point, coffee was sub par (according to mother), seats are limited and background music is alright. Chill place for people who live in the area!


26 evans lodge singapore 259367

Casually living through mother’s pay check. Hope you’ve had a good week 🙂




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