IMG_6760 IMG_6758 ph10


Please excuse the horrendous face, I haven’t gotten much sleep due to the ongoing exams /sobs/.

Pictured above is the uniform which I spent a good 10 years of my life in. I wanted to recreate my version of the uniform (that would have probably made my discipline mistress cringe if my skirt was that short) to pay homage to the institution that raised me to be everything I am and more :’) What I played on most was the colour scheme! You would think that I’d get sick of that combination of white and navy after 10 years but if you ever open up my closet you’ll find 10 white tops and about 20 blue bottoms that go hand in hand. The uniform also required us to wear all white shoes, but I have since thrown away every single pair of ugly white shoes I owned. I matched the outfit with my favourite Nike Roshe Runs to give the outfit a sportier feel and give me some extra height to my 156cm self. Classic MG-style french braid done and voila.

Shirt: Gap Hong Kong, Skorts: *SCAPE Underground, Shoes: Nike Roshe Run (which ironically you cannot run in??) from World of Sports

Have a blessed week ahead




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