VoyAJe ’14

IMG_6892 IMG_5531 IMG_6857 IMG_6869 IMG_6903 IMG_6960 IMG_6944 IMG_6968 IMG_6984 IMG_6897 IMG_7002 IMG_5557 IMG_7003 IMG_7005 Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 6.37.49 pm

Jacket: Uniqlo Sale, Blouse: Asos, Lace Shorts: Zara when it was all the rage, Shoes: Mother’s expensive shoe closet

Took a break from all the studying to support Jerrold and Jill at their choir concert. It took us 6 billion years to get to Yong Siew Tong Conservatory of Music but it was so worth it. AJ Choir was literally so amazing??? They did an entire rendition of Les Misérables and I was close to tears the entire time. Yesterday’s performance reminded me how much I used to enjoy theatre, hopefully I can get back to that once A’s are over!! Also, I have literally repeated this outfit about 4 times but a leather jacket and anything black & white will never go out of style in my book.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, more to come in the weeks ahead 😉


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