Month: June 2014


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Top: Thrifted, Skirt: Topshop, Parka Vest: Ebay, Shoes: Nike Free Runs from Hong Kong

I love love love the whole sport luxe trend. I am a track shoe hoarder; meaning for someone who can’t even run I have about 10 pairs of trainers which have never even seen a running track in its life. The whole trend means I can get away with wearing all my beautiful pairs of shoes without having look like some break dancer on the set of step up 3. Was adamant in channeling some military action into the whole thing with this dark green vest. Honestly great if you love parkas but hate Singapore’s hell-like humidity. I especially enjoyed how the vest had drawstrings that gave the impression of an hourglass figure, even if your body shape is more doughnut than hourglass. Accessorised with nothing more than my huge leather bag and voila.

Wore this outfit to a lunch date with my good friend Sammy who also took all the lovely visuals in this post. You can read about our lunch here if you already haven’t!

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Top: H&M, Bikini: Zalora, Body: post lunch food baby + lack of several months of exercise

In an attempt to make proper use of our holidays, T and I have thought it’d be wise to get out pale asses into the sun before we look like we came out of Twilight. Side story: we purchased some high tech nivea lotion that was suppose to “protect and bronze” which I wanted to review. However I realised that it was rather hard to check if the sunscreen did it’s job because I would have to wait 50 years to see if I contracted skin cancer or not. The “bronzing” part worked quite well though. T had a visible tan line and if you know him you’d realise that his skin is as white as Karen Smith from Mean girls, if you know what I mean. Also check out my feeble attempts to wear some colour with the summery flowers that make you wanna prance around Gardens by the Bay and take an ootd with the caption “#summer”.

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ps: FYI for everyone who have been wondering how skinny my arms are.. theres a photo just for you :*

(That was not me pls ignore omg)

pps: don’t drink the pool water cause birds bathe in them yupp PSA for you today.

Food Adventures: Hi Sammy! (Oblong Ice-cream)

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Hi Sammy if you’re reading this which I know you are HAHA. Sam is honestly one of my most trusted friends in school by virtue of the fact that we both have the same bitchy sense of humour and maturity level, in my opinion. We also really, really love food (and hate exercise). After a good moment of indecisiveness we(she) finally decided on Oblong for ice-cream and waffles. We suck at public transport which provided a good laugh as we ventured down to Serangoon Gardens which is not even the most mysterious of places.

At Oblong, you definitely have to eat their premium sets where you can choose either waffles, a brownies or a molten lava cake topped with ice-cream and a latte of your choice for only 10 bucks??? I had a buttermilk waffle with salted caramel pistachio ice-cream and Sammy had the charcoal waffle with butterscotch ice-cream. We both had the matcha latte which I really really enjoyed because it has the bitterness of matcha and wasn’t sickeningly sweet like those from Starbucks- the perfect accompaniment to any dessert. The waffles were served warm and had a great texture very much like those from Geláre, despite being a little burnt on the sides for mine. Ice-cream lacked the rich flavour you’d expect from salted caramel but was generally great tasting with the waffles. Portions were generous that left us in a food coma for the rest of the day. I’d definitely come back cause it’s super affordable when you wanna curb those waffle cravings (don’t even compare it to udders please, udders waffles are just disgusting). Oblong really hits the spot.

Recommendations: Red Velvet and Buttermilk Waffles, Molten Chocolate Lava Cake, Cinnamon ice-cream (not too sure of the name. Sammy says it’s the best so I trust her), Matcha Latte


10 Maju Avenue
Singapore 556688
Balmoral Plaza B1-07
Facebook Page

Have a great weekend 🙂


Added in a great photo of Sammy studying at the end because she makes me feel like a general sloth compared to how hardworking she is


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Top: Zara, Ripped jeans: H&M, Flats: Mitju

A crochet top to beat the heat and jeans cause my legs didn’t feel ready for town that night. Had a lovely dinner with my MG pals at Saveur. We originally wanted to try The Sushi Bar but they were packed /sobs/. Duck confit was good albeit a little lack lustre since I’ve eaten it quite a few times already (fat slob alert). Watched Maleficent after which was adorable despite a horrendously cheesy-cute ending. Nights out with them always remind me of the good old days where we took naps at the bamboo courtyard, ate too many jelly hearts and never listened to a word that came out of my chemistry teacher’s mouth.


Leftover Sushi

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If I had to choose only one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would be sushi. Home was filled with leftover rice and sausages from the night before so I was inspired to make leftover sushi!! Basically all you do if reheat your leftover rice and add a proportionate amount of sushi vinegar following the instructions on your bottle. (Side note: sushi vinegar is a great investment, the bottle is huge and lasts forever!) This can be done with white rice, brown rice even fried rice!! I am an egg lover so I made home-made tamago using a round non stick pan, yes you don’t need a tamago rectangular pan. I just seasoned my eggs with sugar and soya sauce to taste and used the method from this video:

You can then proceed to making maki rolls or be a lazy shit like me and make fat nigiri sushi. Accompanied the sushi with my favourite sesame dressing and soya sauce 🙂 You can literally go wild and put anything you want; cheese and barbecue chicken with crispy fried bits make a great western tasting maki roll. Basically a quick sushi fix lazy meal for any day.

Have a blessed week ahead.


Photo Updates #1

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1. Waffles from: Strangers Reunion, Gelare and Waffle Slayer respectively

2. Seriously good time at Waffle Slayer with Sammy, Shu Shan and Sheryl (more on Sammy next week hehe)

3. “omg wafflessssss”

4. Loving my hello kitty sandwich maker :’)

5. Prettiest skyline seen at school

6. T’s Birthday Cupcakes

7. Made dumplings with Grandma

8. Made cupcakes for my warriors

9. “don’t mess with us”- killer shot from melash’s birthday party

10. 8th Month anniversary (today!!) pigging out with sukiyaki

11. Accompanying picture of the amount of beef we managed to devour

Food Adventures: Hi Dad!

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(retarded child since 1996)

As I grow older, the time I get to spend with my dad drastically decreases. No longer do I get calls at 10pm by my father to sneak out of the house and watch a movie with him at Cineleisure; we’re just too old and tired for that. Since the holidays has just rolled in, I thought it was apt that I spent a little bit more time with my old man. At 8am everything is generally closed and  being the indecisive kid that I am, dad had to swoop in to take the reigns. If you didn’t know, my family owns Fei Fei Wanton Mee at geylang (you can read about him here or just google it lol) so he knows a thing or two about what’s good. He has since retired from that job but his palette hasn’t faltered. Carrot cake, mee siam and chicken rice to start the morning #gains #bulking. Besides the food, which was very very delicious, I just enjoyed listening to dad’s musings on life. Everything he does is for the family and I am so thankful. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and supporting my dreams. Also, thank you for not disowning me after finding out I faked mum’s signature for ting xie in p3 HAHA. This holiday, take a bit of time out of your busy schedule to spend with the ones you love the most.

KTP Coffee Shop
 Blk 401 Hougang Avenue 8
Singapore 530401

Have a great day 🙂


PS: tips from dad, the best part of the chicken is the buttocks. legit guys.