Slappy Cakes (-600/10)

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Shorts: topshop, Shoes: Pedder Red, Face: Acne all ovaaaa (cries self to sleep)

A little review on Slappy Cakes! Slappy Cakes is a DIY pancake place where you purchase bottles of batter and your table has a griddle where you can make different shapes customise your pancakes and attempt to make them look like this:

The place is very spacious and great to bring kids or just hang out with friends because who doesn’t love making strange shapes out of pancakes??? But there are 2 major pitfalls to this place.

1) it is incredibly inaccessible if you don’t drive. The nearest bus stop is about 2km away and you have to walk up and road hill thing to get there. Don’t even think about going if it rains because it would be hazardous when drivers can’t even focus on the road let alone take notice of teens jaywalking around the area.

2) It was the most shit service I had experienced in my life. We went on a good friday making it tremendously crowded, which I understand. But I don’t understand how the manager can be anything but efficient. She told us the wait would be 1hr so we took a walk around pasarbella first. After that 1hr we came back to be told that it would be another half an hour when there were 3 empty tables. Apparently a customer who had come first, not even made a reservation, said there was 15 people arriving  and were allowed to be seated with only half the strength reported. A good 5 families who were on the list after them cancelled cause they couldn’t stand the wait. Additionally when we enquired if it was our turn soon she repeatedly said and pointed to a specific table that that was our table. This happened twice and both were not our tables.

I would definitely not go there again after that shitty service. But if you drive/ have kids/ eat pork/ go on a non busy day/ make a reservation first then by all means go ahead! Or you could go over to the RWS branch maybe it’ll be a better experience than the one I had.

Slappy Cakes The Grandstand 200 Turf Club Road (Old Turf Club in Bt.Timah) #01-20/21 Singapore 287994



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