Photo Updates #1

IMG_5933 IMG_5791 IMG_5996 IMG_6005  IMG_5944 IMG_4323 IMG_4751 IMG_5262 IMG_5429 IMG_5743 IMG_6020 IMG_6122 IMG_6124

1. Waffles from: Strangers Reunion, Gelare and Waffle Slayer respectively

2. Seriously good time at Waffle Slayer with Sammy, Shu Shan and Sheryl (more on Sammy next week hehe)

3. “omg wafflessssss”

4. Loving my hello kitty sandwich maker :’)

5. Prettiest skyline seen at school

6. T’s Birthday Cupcakes

7. Made dumplings with Grandma

8. Made cupcakes for my warriors

9. “don’t mess with us”- killer shot from melash’s birthday party

10. 8th Month anniversary (today!!) pigging out with sukiyaki

11. Accompanying picture of the amount of beef we managed to devour


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