Food Adventures: Hi Sammy! (Oblong Ice-cream)

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Hi Sammy if you’re reading this which I know you are HAHA. Sam is honestly one of my most trusted friends in school by virtue of the fact that we both have the same bitchy sense of humour and maturity level, in my opinion. We also really, really love food (and hate exercise). After a good moment of indecisiveness we(she) finally decided on Oblong for ice-cream and waffles. We suck at public transport which provided a good laugh as we ventured down to Serangoon Gardens which is not even the most mysterious of places.

At Oblong, you definitely have to eat their premium sets where you can choose either waffles, a brownies or a molten lava cake topped with ice-cream and a latte of your choice for only 10 bucks??? I had a buttermilk waffle with salted caramel pistachio ice-cream and Sammy had the charcoal waffle with butterscotch ice-cream. We both had the matcha latte which I really really enjoyed because it has the bitterness of matcha and wasn’t sickeningly sweet like those from Starbucks- the perfect accompaniment to any dessert. The waffles were served warm and had a great texture very much like those from Geláre, despite being a little burnt on the sides for mine. Ice-cream lacked the rich flavour you’d expect from salted caramel but was generally great tasting with the waffles. Portions were generous that left us in a food coma for the rest of the day. I’d definitely come back cause it’s super affordable when you wanna curb those waffle cravings (don’t even compare it to udders please, udders waffles are just disgusting). Oblong really hits the spot.

Recommendations: Red Velvet and Buttermilk Waffles, Molten Chocolate Lava Cake, Cinnamon ice-cream (not too sure of the name. Sammy says it’s the best so I trust her), Matcha Latte


10 Maju Avenue
Singapore 556688
Balmoral Plaza B1-07
Facebook Page

Have a great weekend 🙂


Added in a great photo of Sammy studying at the end because she makes me feel like a general sloth compared to how hardworking she is


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