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Top: H&M, Bikini: Zalora, Body: post lunch food baby + lack of several months of exercise

In an attempt to make proper use of our holidays, T and I have thought it’d be wise to get out pale asses into the sun before we look like we came out of Twilight. Side story: we purchased some high tech nivea lotion that was suppose to “protect and bronze” which I wanted to review. However I realised that it was rather hard to check if the sunscreen did it’s job because I would have to wait 50 years to see if I contracted skin cancer or not. The “bronzing” part worked quite well though. T had a visible tan line and if you know him you’d realise that his skin is as white as Karen Smith from Mean girls, if you know what I mean. Also check out my feeble attempts to wear some colour with the summery flowers that make you wanna prance around Gardens by the Bay and take an ootd with the caption “#summer”.

Have a great day


ps: FYI for everyone who have been wondering how skinny my arms are.. theres a photo just for you :*

(That was not me pls ignore omg)

pps: don’t drink the pool water cause birds bathe in them yupp PSA for you today.


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