Month: July 2014

Littered With Books









A rather out of the ordinary post today about a bookstore (secretly just attempting to clear these photos from my backlog). After the lobster the other day, we were in a deep deep food coma and decided to walk it out. Littered With Books is kinda like if someone bought Border’s book selection and turned his shop house into it. The place is very very homely and the book range is so so good. It’ the type of place that makes you wanna lie and roll all over with a good book all day. I legit spazzed with Jialin over this place for a good 30s and everyone stared HAHA. Also if anyone wants they could get me the Leon cookbook, basically my two favourite things put together 😉 Do check it out, they really deserve the patronage!

Littered with Books
20 Duxton Rd, 089486
6220 6824

Photo Updates #2

IMG_6401 IMG_6438 IMG_6622 IMG_6870 IMG_6903 IMG_6993 IMG_7024IMG_7096 IMG_7107 IMG_7121IMG_7120

1. Selfie of how I look like on a regular basis with spectacles

2. Free cupcake from Pasarbella when I tagged along with mum to watch a latte art competition

3. The ever sexual Matthew adorning some lovely pink locks

4. Made them take car selfies with me otw to dinner

5. Lobster dinner which I reviewed here if you haven’t already read it

6. Prize winning fish at a flower horn fish competition

7. First time trying korean bbq!!

8. My long awaited package finally arrived (more on this in another post!)

9. T’s mum’s favourite cat whose face is finally healing after being attacked by hooligans

10. Cutting my hair after 2 years

11. Today’s breakfast: smoothie consisting of banana, grapes and strawberries, and roti prata with sugar

Sorry for the lack of posts, been rather swamped with work (and my newly downloaded Kim Kardashian game)

Hope you have a great week ahead 🙂

Pince & Pints

IMG_7743 IMG_7748 IMG_7751 IMG_7772 IMG_7773

I remember being like 13 or 14 in my fat days watching the food network alone crying to myself about why didn’t have any friends and I’d be amazed at how people ate regular steamed lobster with butter or in buttered rolls. Major salivation alert. However Singapore was less trend following then so a lobster shack of sorts never existed (at least I don’t think so). Flash forward 5 years later and there are a couple of places around now (Cajun Kings/ Dancing Crab) all great seafood centred places but there was never one with “just lobster”. Pince & Pints opened this monday and the very eggcited mother dragged Elliot, Leon and I to go and try.

They are a restaurant + bar so business only comes in later in the night for drinks. Their menu consists of 4 lobster items and a very very extensive drink menu (yay). We settled for ginger beer (mum’s recommendation) and a daiquiri (cause I am a woman). I’ll take you through the four items on the menu. And yes, we did order all four.

1. (Glorious) Lobster Roll

IMG_7776 Pince and Pints Eating

It’s actual name doesn’t have the word glorious in it- but it should. Perfectly buttered and toasted brioche bun with a whole lobster’s meat tossed in a light mayo dressing. The sauce on the side is kinda like hollandaise which I encourage you you lather generously all over for divine intervention. I think my face about says it all.

2. Chilli Lobster

IMG_7778 IMG_7779

Akin to the Singaporean favourite chilli crab. You obviously aren’t going to get the Melben quality but it really hit the spot. The lobster was very well cooked. The soft lobster meat went surprisingly well with the flavourful sauce albeit a bit oily. It is not as spicy as well so those with a milder palette will enjoy! And the fried mantous were just amazing, the obvious accompaniment to soak up all that sauce. My only real complaint is that it is so messy to eat! I’d advice you not to were anything white and no finger jewellery cause you will definitely have to get down and dirty for this.

3. Plain Old Lobster


They serve their regular lobster 2 ways: steamed or grilled. The grilled one was better cooked for us. The grilled was delicate and soft while he steamed was slightly overcooked. The steam was also trapped inside the shell making the whole eating experience a wet sloppy mess. I applaud them for taking their butter seriously though. Usually plain old butter suffices but they take it up a notch with a herbed butter which makes all the difference.


Ending the post with an over exposed photo of myself because what the heck this is my blog after all. I’d highly recommend this place if you’re planning a nice dinner with a high budget, based on my student budget, or I guess if you are in the working world you guys eat at these kinda places on a weekly basis right? Their lobster is a good size especially for standard price, other places make you pay by weight. And if it does’t fill you up the fries and salad (topped with so much cheese!!) will definitely finish you off. Their drinks are great too with an extensive menu with something for everyone.

Pince & Pints 
32-33 Duxton Road
Singapore 089497

Have a great weekend!


IMG_7581 IMG_7588 IMG_7592 IMG_7594 IMG_7595 IMG_7599 IMG_7601Above is a great photo of us in front of the lovely din tai fung chefs who made the xiao long boas – bless you

No holiday is really complete without spending a day with Emae eating xlb’s and window shopping around town. We’ve been friends for about 12 years and it’s really quite humbling how she continues to be my friend even through my angsty 14 year old rage days HAHA. You can watch a snippet of what we did below!!!!!! Please do not judge my shit ass vlogging which I will do more of and hopefully improve on hur hur

Hope you enjoyed!! till next time :*

ps I don’t really understand why my videos can only be seen in 360p so sobs I am very sorry 😦