Photo Updates #2

IMG_6401 IMG_6438 IMG_6622 IMG_6870 IMG_6903 IMG_6993 IMG_7024IMG_7096 IMG_7107 IMG_7121IMG_7120

1. Selfie of how I look like on a regular basis with spectacles

2. Free cupcake from Pasarbella when I tagged along with mum to watch a latte art competition

3. The ever sexual Matthew adorning some lovely pink locks

4. Made them take car selfies with me otw to dinner

5. Lobster dinner which I reviewed here if you haven’t already read it

6. Prize winning fish at a flower horn fish competition

7. First time trying korean bbq!!

8. My long awaited package finally arrived (more on this in another post!)

9. T’s mum’s favourite cat whose face is finally healing after being attacked by hooligans

10. Cutting my hair after 2 years

11. Today’s breakfast: smoothie consisting of banana, grapes and strawberries, and roti prata with sugar

Sorry for the lack of posts, been rather swamped with work (and my newly downloaded Kim Kardashian game)

Hope you have a great week ahead 🙂


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