Month: August 2014

Hello Friends

Just thought I’d post a little something something to make up for my absence.

1. I just finished prelims this friday, hallelujah (!!!!) Which also explains why I didn’t post because honestly, school > blogging. It’s sad to be Asian.

2. Got myself a tripod which makes me very happy that I no longer have to stack my camera on a pile of books to level it so maybe more videos will be up?

3. My birthday is coming soon!!!!!!! Imagine me saying this in a high pitch 5 year old’s voice. That, is how excited I am.

4. A cover I did with Xin Yu if you haven’t already seen it:

5. (saved the best for last) I, and the rest of the world, just found out that hello kitty is “not a cat and in fact a girl”. Everyone has gone bat shit insane and I am here like -_-. Hello kitty is a girl in her own world, which is why she and everyone else in her world look like animals but are in fact “human” in their world. It is basically the same concept as goofey who is “human”  which explains Pluto is an actual pet dog in their world. And snoopy is a dog because he exists in the human world????? I am so frustrated because I love hello kitty and everyone is giving her a hard time cause of this???? 😦 Okay probably no one reading this gives a shit. But. Well. meh.

To everyone who just started prelims or is in the midst of them.. HAHA good luck with that. Jk praying for all of you :* :* :* and I will post more I assure you!!


What’s in My School Bag


With prelims this week and the next… and the next, I haven’t had time to think of anything or bothered to use my brain for anything other than maths and choosing which filter to use on instagram. Starting unpacking to start of chemistry revision and voilas a new post for this week.

Everything is numbered and shiz so you can reference back to the picture.

1. Kånken Laptop 15 inch. Fits all my shit and is in a gr8 shade of purple which allows me to resemble Dora on a day to day basis.

2. Nalgene Water Bottle. Need to quench my thirst 24/7 (seductive winky face)

3. Notes and other study material

4. iPhone 5S in the cutest Communist Panda case!! View more designs here

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallet

6. Special blister plasters (very handy okay!!!) and coco-pop snack bar

7. Beaded pouch that T got me from Sarawak 🙂 I put my earphones in and it has a neoprene lining so I don’t have to worry about my earphones getting ruined

8. Toothbrush set that I stole from the Singapore airlines flight

9. Trust graphics calculator to count how much discount I can get at topshop

10. Spare hair tie from my class tutor

11. Medicated oil cause both T and I get really bad headaches 😦

12. Sebamed lip-balm

13. Key and card holder from Coach

14. Tissues cause according to T, I am not a women if I don’t possess tissue

15. Hello Kitty pencil case which I have owned since I was 2!!!!

Wow I am so lame sorry for the lack of anything interesting ha ha creys

Happy Studying


pH 13.0

IMG_7964 IMG_7965 IMG_7970 IMG_7982 IMG_7991 IMG_8017 IMG_7968

Top & Asymmetrical Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Steve Madden, Panda Tote: Hong Kong, Face: no make up 6 hours of sleep prelims in 3 weeks

Being in JC means that every opportunity where I can go out and dress up must be grabbed and massacred like it is your bitch. Okay I don’t know what I am saying right now it is 11 pm and I did maths today, please forgive me. There is really nothing like black and white that makes an outfit instantly more pristine which suited the occasion considering it was mother’s birthday (woohoo). The skirt has an asymmetrical thing going on which gives a lot of sex appeal like “here is what one leg looks like but imma hide the other for some mystery 😉 ;)”. Finished the whole look with my Steve Madden slip-ons because I am attempting to make fancy sport shoes a social norm at semi-formal occasions. I will not conform to society’s benchmark where heels are the only way to be formal?????? okay the end.

Hope you all enjoyed yet another outfit post sorry if I sound half drunk- I am probably fully drunk.

ps: notice how the photo directly above makes me look like I have one Chinese leg and one Indian leg. God Bless the lighting.