What’s in My School Bag


With prelims this week and the next… and the next, I haven’t had time to think of anything or bothered to use my brain for anything other than maths and choosing which filter to use on instagram. Starting unpacking to start of chemistry revision and voilas a new post for this week.

Everything is numbered and shiz so you can reference back to the picture.

1. Kånken Laptop 15 inch. Fits all my shit and is in a gr8 shade of purple which allows me to resemble Dora on a day to day basis.

2. Nalgene Water Bottle. Need to quench my thirst 24/7 (seductive winky face)

3. Notes and other study material

4. iPhone 5S in the cutest Communist Panda case!! View more designs here

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallet

6. Special blister plasters (very handy okay!!!) and coco-pop snack bar

7. Beaded pouch that T got me from Sarawak 🙂 I put my earphones in and it has a neoprene lining so I don’t have to worry about my earphones getting ruined

8. Toothbrush set that I stole from the Singapore airlines flight

9. Trust graphics calculator to count how much discount I can get at topshop

10. Spare hair tie from my class tutor

11. Medicated oil cause both T and I get really bad headaches 😦

12. Sebamed lip-balm

13. Key and card holder from Coach

14. Tissues cause according to T, I am not a women if I don’t possess tissue

15. Hello Kitty pencil case which I have owned since I was 2!!!!

Wow I am so lame sorry for the lack of anything interesting ha ha creys

Happy Studying



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