Month: September 2014

Pho Stop.

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After walking in the pouring rain, getting semi lost, and losing my balance half a dozen times  we finally reached the abyss that is duxton (I kid, but really), only to find out that the place we wanted to go to was closed along with every café in the area????? Taking it in stride, after about 6 billion apologies to Sammy, we decided to just walk along the area to see what else they had to offer. Everything there was korean. To be more specific it was korean fried chicken… Which obviously #eatcleantrainmean does not advocate HAHA so we decided to walk along more and finally found this Pho place.

The food is honestly pretty good, quality is pretty on par with NamNam though they have less variety of noodle soups! They have rice dishes too so I guess that’s a plus? Apparently there is some bar upstairs run by the same people so drinks can be ordered and brought down for you. I got a Tequila Sunrise which was pretty tasty (girly drinks all day err day cause I am a wimp). It’s pretty affordable too with Noodles at around $9 and sides from $5. The place is pretty quiet as well so it’s great catch-up spot!

Second last shot of Matcha Hokkaido ice-cream which I am in love with. Side story: We finished dinner at around 8:30 and we wanted to head somewhere else for dessert however it seems like majority of places in singapore close at around 9-10 with last orders at around 9? Pretty shitty honestly. We ended up settling for hokkaido ice-cream in town near orchard central. If anyone knows a good night dessert place please tell me I am desperate. Do not tell me udders I will murder you. Really.

Pho Stop.
72 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088493

Hope the week has been good to you 🙂


60% Dead

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Lip Print Dress: sheinside, Shoes: Jack Purcell Converse, Face: 6 hours of sleep, Ring: Nepal

60% dead is honestly how I felt that day which explains the chinky eyes and flat hair (too lazy to curl it at risk of burning my ear… again). I decided to go out of the usual black/white/grey/navy blue colour scheme that is my life and purchased this dress from sheinside. I wore this to Beatlemania, a concert where a tribute band replayed The Beatles’ greatest hits, which seemed to suit the very funky occasion. And yes I paired it with converse and a leather jacket to mute it down a little. Sadly, as seen in the 2nd last picture the dress friggin ripped but it was pretty cheap so no regrets I guess. Planning to venture out into more colourful/quirky pieces now.. if only my bank account allowed. Oh well.

Hope the holiays have been kind to you


ps: tomorrow is my birthday and I am so happy that I can now buy alcohol with a clear conscience and no longer get severe anxiety over the fear of police suddenly raiding the place and calling me out for underage drinking :’) HAHAH wimpy confession of the week.

Here Comes the Sun

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Why hello hello welcome back to this weeks post. Thought a little appreciation post was needed on this blog. If you didn’t know  I am a very… very introverted person. Meaning physically spending time in big groups tires me out tremendously and majority of the time my mind is filled with little voices questioning my every move, and filling myself with self doubt. I recently spent this long weekend surrounded with a lot of people, a culmination of good friends which I never spent time with all at once. Yes it was mentally and physically draining and I think I spent a large part of the time in silence and in my own little world but there was nothing but joy and stillness within me. There is solace in knowing that you are surrounded by the ones you love and the best part is that they love you back equally and whole heartedly :’)

To My Family:

For consistently reminding me that I am a slob and the need to step up my game; teaching me that everyday is a day for self-improvement. For going to the ends of the earth for me and (especially elliot) never letting me go a day without a warm fuzzy hug.

To Tangsy:

For endless amounts of understanding and forgiveness. For taking all my ootds. For experiencing new thingsFor loving me beyond my physical and character flaws. For reminding me that the best part of being in a relationship is having someone by your side to pull you out of your misery, fix you back up and teach you to be independent and happy again. For the selflessness and giving me a reason to wake up each day.

To My Friends:

For endless amounts of laughter and foodasms. For failed runs in the park. For carrying my shit around school. For endless amounts of advice (which I never take but hey it is fun to talk about problems). For letting me take your food. For the prayers and well wishes. For accepting that you have to wait 10 minutes despite your food arriving already because I need tot take pictures of it. For all the little things that warm my frosty heart.

Thank you for everything ❤

ps even if you aren’t pictured here doesn’t mean I don’t love you!!! Just that these were the photos I took recently and wanted to share 🙂