Here Comes the Sun

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Why hello hello welcome back to this weeks post. Thought a little appreciation post was needed on this blog. If you didn’t know  I am a very… very introverted person. Meaning physically spending time in big groups tires me out tremendously and majority of the time my mind is filled with little voices questioning my every move, and filling myself with self doubt. I recently spent this long weekend surrounded with a lot of people, a culmination of good friends which I never spent time with all at once. Yes it was mentally and physically draining and I think I spent a large part of the time in silence and in my own little world but there was nothing but joy and stillness within me. There is solace in knowing that you are surrounded by the ones you love and the best part is that they love you back equally and whole heartedly :’)

To My Family:

For consistently reminding me that I am a slob and the need to step up my game; teaching me that everyday is a day for self-improvement. For going to the ends of the earth for me and (especially elliot) never letting me go a day without a warm fuzzy hug.

To Tangsy:

For endless amounts of understanding and forgiveness. For taking all my ootds. For experiencing new thingsFor loving me beyond my physical and character flaws. For reminding me that the best part of being in a relationship is having someone by your side to pull you out of your misery, fix you back up and teach you to be independent and happy again. For the selflessness and giving me a reason to wake up each day.

To My Friends:

For endless amounts of laughter and foodasms. For failed runs in the park. For carrying my shit around school. For endless amounts of advice (which I never take but hey it is fun to talk about problems). For letting me take your food. For the prayers and well wishes. For accepting that you have to wait 10 minutes despite your food arriving already because I need tot take pictures of it. For all the little things that warm my frosty heart.

Thank you for everything ❤

ps even if you aren’t pictured here doesn’t mean I don’t love you!!! Just that these were the photos I took recently and wanted to share 🙂


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