60% Dead

IMG_8319 IMG_8323 IMG_8329 IMG_8341 IMG_8342 IMG_8349

Lip Print Dress: sheinside, Shoes: Jack Purcell Converse, Face: 6 hours of sleep, Ring: Nepal

60% dead is honestly how I felt that day which explains the chinky eyes and flat hair (too lazy to curl it at risk of burning my ear… again). I decided to go out of the usual black/white/grey/navy blue colour scheme that is my life and purchased this dress from sheinside. I wore this to Beatlemania, a concert where a tribute band replayed The Beatles’ greatest hits, which seemed to suit the very funky occasion. And yes I paired it with converse and a leather jacket to mute it down a little. Sadly, as seen in the 2nd last picture the dress friggin ripped but it was pretty cheap so no regrets I guess. Planning to venture out into more colourful/quirky pieces now.. if only my bank account allowed. Oh well.

Hope the holiays have been kind to you


ps: tomorrow is my birthday and I am so happy that I can now buy alcohol with a clear conscience and no longer get severe anxiety over the fear of police suddenly raiding the place and calling me out for underage drinking :’) HAHAH wimpy confession of the week.


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