A personal post?

IMG_8088 IMG_8098 IMG_8110 IMG_8113 IMG_8154 IMG_8162 IMG_8172 IMG_8167Hello pals, A levels start tomorrow!!!!!! I am feeling unsurmountable bouts of stress that I have never felt in my life D: In the midst of studying, I thought I’d post a few pictures up to keep this page alive. Above are some photos of when we tried to surprise Kristy at her house for her birthday. While we were trying to sneak around, we accidentally bursts a balloon and her house is just this hallow hole and the sound of the bursting balloon reverberated throughout. It was a great time nonetheless and I ate everything at the Mualim household :’) Ahhh I’m so excited for As to end so I can finally spend time with my friends. SO many things to do, so many cafes to visit and so much food to eat!!!!! I can hardly contain myself- and my pants will hardly be able to contain me after I am done eating all the food.

Happy studying and may the bell curve be ever in your favour :*



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