cookie cookie

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Cookie recipe here (used butter instead of shortening and works perfectly as well)

Hello pals who read my blog! Can you believe the first week of exams is already gone??? I have about 6 more papers over the span of 3 weeks and I am dying to get out of the hellhole that is our education system. I may or may not be exaggerating but well you know. One of the first things I cannot wait to do is get back to baking. Fortunately christmas is coming soon so it’ll give me a reason to bake till my hearts content and stuff cookies and cakes down my friends throats :0) I’ll also try to find work in a cafe or something so if I ever get employed you guys can find me and torture me publicly by being demanding assholes!!!!! It will be so much fun HAHA.

Have a great week ahead


ps: send help- have been watching too many movie trailers on youtube and not revising enough bio


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