Studying is fun

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Hello internet pals! How have you guys been? I am currently procrastinating from chemistry and I thought a little small post would suffice. I’ve been in a dry spell lately- not the sexual kind but like the motivational kind? HAHA. Basically I’m having trouble finding the motivation to study. These 2 weeks were meant to come and go like a breeze, but lately it has been more like a slow excruciating wait for the end- akin to watching paint dry.

T has been a really big help with this dry spell of mine. When you can’t pick yourself up, surround yourself with positive people! They don’t need to be like on crack kind of happy but they should be someone who is positive enough to care for you enough to help you out of your rut. Something else that’s great is to make happiness out of nothing. Try and find joy in every little thing. Something that makes me happy is catching zombies on this game I play called Zombie Catchers. Each time the game needs about 30 minutes to load, so I make myself focus and world harder within that 30 minutes just so that time can past quicker and I can impale more zombies with a harpoon! If you can take nothing and turn it into something just with a change in mindset I think that’s a damn wonderful thing??

The photos above are from the pasar malam T and I visited yesterday and we basically stood in the middle of the place for 10 minutes deciding what to eat #firstworldproblems. But there was nothing more fun than taking a (much deserved) break and exploring a new place. We found takoyaki balls going for 6 pieces for 2 bucks and got T’s mum new pyjamas! I really think this period of mutual suffering has brought T and I closer (sometimes a bit too close) and helped strengthened our relationship. So if you wanna know the secret to a successful relationship- take the A levels together HAHAHAH

Back to studying


Ps: download zombie catchers you will not regret!!!!!


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