Marsupial Habitats

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Currently 2am in camp and I am attempting to draft a post out for tomorrow (today) before all my photos adds up to a  backlog of unfinished/unwritten blog post. Computer also currently dying out due to the lack of me storage space making everything move at a snails pace.

Went out with Keng Siang last sunday which I was very egg cited about because I hadn’t seen him in a while and I’ve also known him for a longish time too but never really did anything together. Phrasing thesis entire post sounds odd. He has become a fellow foodie and runs @foodieaccount on insta (link here) so we went to look for good food at upper thompson since he never seems to venture out of Holland V (or Zouk lol)

We tried Habitat Café and sadly it was really disappointing. Honestly, the food is very very subpar with nothing special about it. The Salmon Matcha Pesto pasta should just be called pesto pasta cause honestly I don’t even get where the matcha comes from besides the green colour? The Bakes eggs was also nothing spectacular, just like pasta sauce from the jar and eggs on toast? If you’re looking for real hearty tomato baked eggs try the Sabsouska from Ollie Cafe or the Bakes Eggs from Strannger’s Reunion. Both have a great earthy Mediterranean taste due to spicy tomato sauce, very noms and good for vegetarians who eat eggs! The poutine at Habitat was also highly raved about but we found it to just be fries dredged in KFC mash potato sauce and some cheese. Nothing worth 8 dollars.

I felt rather sad after that HAHA. Like don’t you get upset after you take your friend out to some place that they don’t enjoy? It’s as if you have done an injustice to their tastebuds and they will never trust to go out with you again!!!! Then again I am very dramatic and everyone says I need to chill so *breathes in and out* I am good.

Habitat Café

233 Upper Thomson Rd, 574355

oh well, to better food outings



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