Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies (visual)

IMG_8787 IMG_8790 IMG_8795 IMG_8804 IMG_8807

Hey pals! Happy Tuesday 🙂 Here are some visuals from that time where I made these cookies. I followed a recipe from well known baking blog, Sally’s Baking Addiction (here). Her recipes are full proof if you follow carefully. The cookies turned out soft and chewy, much like subway cookies, yet had the right structure to hold the cookie together instead of a crumbly mess. The cranberries embedded within were my favourite. The dried cranberry hydrates slightly as it bakes giving each cranberry bite a syrupy caramel feel. It was a hit with my friends and family (T’s mum ate the whole box I gave him HAHAHA).

Honestly, I’m really thankful for the pockets of free time I had to delve into baking again. The kitchen is really a sanctuary for me. The smell of melted butter wafting through the room, monotonous churning sound of the electric mixer and the occasional chocolate on my fingers, everything falls into place in an orderly chaos. lol okay enough rambling from me. Shan’t bore you anymore with my vivid descriptions of the kitchen.

Hope you have a great week ahead, see you Saturday!



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