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No that isn’t me…. This is T as in Tangsy as in Tang as in I call my boyfriend by his last name cause I like the sound of it. Decided to stop being a narcissistic bitch and posting about myself for once HAHA (once in a blue moon occurrence woohoo).

So, this is T’s ootd from our date night at Standing Sushi Bar. If you walk along orchard road or any other road for that instance, you’ll find boys i.e. age 15-25, all dressed the same. Majority wears the same shorts, or jeans depending, with a long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up and that bloody pair of Sperry’s or a boat shoe of that variety. Which in my opinion doesn’t look bad, it’s just plain ass boring. I’ve also come to the conclusion that it sucks to be male.

For one, men’s clothing is more expensive. You don’t see good looking suits going for anything less than 200, yet a girl can rack up a dress of equivalent appropriateness for a fraction of the price. Women also have tons of variety- Skirts, shirts, pants, all coming in multitudes of patterns, shapes and colours. All men can really do is play with patterns but they are still placed under a glass ceiling, lest they look gay or like Tim Gunn. Then again Tim Gunn is gay. Okay rambling sorry back to my point.

My point is that, I am so happy for T in my life. He’s never afraid to go out of the norms. He isn’t afraid to be different from everyone else and not follow the same bullcrap everyone else gives. From layering with his denim jacket he loves so flipping much to being that voice of reason and to look beyond the glass ceiling. He’s able to see situations in new perspectives and make them work for him (as you can tell we aren’t taking about fashion anymore…). He isn’t one to cruise along with the rest just because it is safe or popular. Yet, he never gets into conflicts cause the asshole is always right and sometimes I hate that about him but most of the times I love it. Most. He brings out the best in me and he makes up for what I lack. We complement each other like ying and yang and I hope you (yes, you the reader) will find that too.

Here’s a toast of 2015 for new things to come.




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