Haw Par Villa

IMG_9398 IMG_9401 IMG_9412 IMG_9424 IMG_9452 IMG_9479 IMG_9503 IMG_9512 IMG_1155 Processed with MoldivIMG_9532 IMG_9553 IMG_9568 IMG_9603

Hey pals let me tell you something: the poverty is real. Once As ended so did the bank account and with every outing the money slowly dwindled into nonexistence. Reasons why T and I needed to find ways to have fun in Singapore without spending a single cent. This was my first time at Haw Par Villa and it was really super fun. Honestly there is not much you can do but the Chinese culture from the place was super worth walking in the scorching sun. Who knew there were so many ancient Chinese stories?!?! We even explored the abandoned stage but I was too scared to venture the underground HAHA. On the down side I got 826176 mosquito bites. Hoping to do more free + fun stuff before T enlists in March!! Perhaps go on more hikes and runs cause God knows I need the exercise 😭

Till next time



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