Toby’s Estate [3/5]

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Hohoho coming to you with a food review as my first post to ring in the new year, cause why not yeah? Ever since I started working at Strangers’ my mother has been very excited that she can finally bring me along to all her hipster coffee joints cause I can finally appreciate it rather than giving the usual sour face in the past. First up was Toby’s Estate. It’s not really a new place and if you’ve been to Australia you may have visited it’s branch there. It’s sort of the in between Starbucks and Nylon. I could possibly call is pseudo-hipster? Anywho, I was more excited for the FOOD cause I am fat that way hurhur.

I decided to try something other than the traditional eggs ben with ham/smoked salmon and had it “Brooklyn Style” with stewed beef. At first glance the portion seemed rather small. And at $19++ it really didn’t seem worth it. But as I dug into the perfectly poached eggs, I knew it was going to be worth every penny (that I did not spend ha ha ha thanks mum). The stewed beef was perfectly tender and surprisingly sweet. Each bite of beef atop of lightly toasted brioche bread and smothered with runny eggs sent my tastebuds into savoury brunch heaven. A definite must try in my book!!!

Brother had the Tobias Burger which was very simple and classic. The patty was juicy while the raw mushroom and pickled beetroot gave the burger a rather interesting kick. If you’re not a fan of raw veggies or odd things like beetroot I don’t think it’s worth your money cause essentially it’s $25 for a burger where you’re gonna take things out and it’ll be the same burger as you’ll get for $9.50 at Ollie Café.

Lastly, Mother had the Tropical Chicken Salad. It’s essentially very very well grilled chicken, leaves and fruit. Though it was filling and I must say, very tasty, considering I’m not the type that enjoys fruit in my savoury items, I highly do not recommend eating a salad if you’re café hopping or something. If you’re like some tai tai and is at clarke quay waiting for your other tai tai friends to come before y’all go for hot pilates or tropical yoga or whatever nonsense y’all are into then by all means it really is a great salad. For everyone else… yeah no.

Coffee was very nice I must say, enjoyed the blend though I can’t say much cause I am not expert in this area HAHA. Oh oh the iced chai was really nice too then again all chai’s that I think are nice just taste like the remnants of milk you get from eating a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast.

TL;DR: Pretty chill place. Good place to study/ do work since there is free wifi. Food is a little pricey so you may wanna give it a miss if you’re cafe hopping on a tight budget. Try savoury breakfast items cause the sweet ones like french toast is not worth it. But for meetings with friends and you have the money to spend then go ahead.

Toby’s Estate

8 Rodyk Street #01-03/04, 238216

I’ve got many more adventures to post so stay tuned for more food porn~


PS: Lol this is in no way discriminatory towards tai tai’s I am just here sitting at my computer writing BS half the time that sounds funny to me. So please don’t take much offence. Everything else besides the tai tai thing is highly serious okay food is very serious!!! I don’t know what I am saying anymore it is 2am help me.


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