Check Mate

IMG_9730 IMG_9737  IMG_9773 IMG_9792 IMG_9795IMG_9760

Shirt and top: Editors market, Headband: DIY, Shoes: Mum’s, Purse: Coach

Somehow I’m really into pants lately?? I think it’s due to the chilly (sort of) weather we’ve been having lately and my new found insecurity towards my legs HAHA. I love how well patterned and nicely cut pants can immediately make an outfit seemingly formal? I particularly enjoyed how the pant had a checkered print that was sort of cute but the dark muted colours made it more wearable and functional. Coincidentally the hairband i made a year ago was in a similar checkered print, so obviously I had to match them together because I love to look like I put a lot of effort into matching everything when really it’s all a happy coincidence. wow my sentences are so long. Paired it with a matching fluffy, white sweater to add an additional cosy factor and balance out the slim cut pants (though not very slim cause I have thunder thighs). Wore this out to eat with Sammy and Yangz and the last photo is a great depiction of what happens. Sammy is always helping me take pictures, while nuisance Yang Han is just standing there being useless and making inapropro jokes HAHA. More post will be up on the food we ate that day!!

See ya’ll on Saturday


ps: I just realised ps means post script and not please see wowowow bimbo moments all day, everyday.


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