Ching Chong Lelong

Hi pals! If you don’t already know I’m gonna be selling cookies this Chinese New Year!!!!!! Honestly, I’m really doing this to experience of what it’s like running your own food business and to also raise a little money for my future wedding (9 more years guys, mark it down on your calendars pls) (I’m kidding) (Not really). Okay sorry for the excessive bracket usage. Anyway here are some general things to note!

1. Cookies can be ordered here

2. All orders are on a preorder basis! Meaning you’ll only get them in February when festive season really hits you hard (this is to prevent over excessive eating even more the new year hits, lest you won’t be able to fit into your new clothes)

3. But don’t worry, after you order you’ll get a text from me and we can decide where you will get them!

4. Payment to be made in cash upon collection

5. All orders are final and cannot be taken back.

6. jk Orders end by 5th Feb so feel free to alter your orders till then. But if you place orders and take them away for fun I will hunt you down and kill you -.-

Lemme introduce you to my happy kookie family:

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie


200g for $8

Classic chocolate chip goodness to die for. Each cookie contains at least 6 chips (you can hypo test that to 5% level of significance) that just blend in with the buttery cookie base to give you a heavenly choclate-y sensation that isn’t too sweet but hits your sweet spot just right!

2. White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies


(not actual size)

200g for $8

I’ve scaled down the size of these cookies into perfect mini bites that you’ll be able to pop into your mouth for a quick snack. These cookies are soft and chewy. For the ultimate sweet tooth, the chewy cranberry bits and creamy white chocolate will put that smile on your face. Plus! The cranberries make you believe you’re actually eating something healthy this festive season 😉

3. Cashew Nut Cookies


40 Cookies for $8

These little morsels are my favourite favourite! The salty Cashew gives the cookie that nutty taste plus the crispy cookie makes you feel like you’re eating crunchy peanut butter? You can just keep piping them in and I assure you you won’t stop!!

4. Pineapple Tarts


20 cookies for $10

These are so labour-intensive to make?? My first time making them but they didn’t disappoint at all! Flaky pastry plus sweet jam that (I feel) is just nice with the tart base. They are the classic CNY cookie to make the occasion.

5. Happy Konflakes


A full jar for $4

You’ve probably seen them before but they’re happy cornflake cups that are crispy and sweet! Great for little kids plus the rainbow sprinkles just make them so cute?? Even if no one visits your home, they are great just to put around the house and snack on when your mouth gets itchy :p

Making all these cookies to share with friends and family make me rather happy, thus “Happy Kookies”, so y’all can continue to share that happiness with loved ones all over and get some happiness for yourselves 🙂

Happy Eating!


ps: come find me for samples if you wanna!!! 🙂


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