Department of Caffeine


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Hey hey quick post for today!!! It’s finally and off day and I’m meeting Rachel and Matthew later for lots of food and fun stuff which makes me very happy.

After ramen the other day (post here), we went to Department of Caffeine for dessert! It was initially our first choice for lunch but we realised it wouldn’t be very filling and there wasn’t much savoury options anyway. We had two waffles! The Buttermilk Waffle with Butter Rum Bananas as well as the “special” Varlhona Chocolate Waffle. Honestly speaking there wasn’t anything really special about the waffles. They were made very well though and I really enjoyed the texture of the waffle with a crispy exterior and soft interior! The chocolate waffle had a very rich hot chocolate taste to it but I don’t think it was a good flavour in general just because everything about the waffle seemed a bit disorganised? It’s very simple and didn’t really feel like much thought was put into the creation of that flavour. Really nothing special to rave about… meh.

The overall ambience of the place was great though. It’s rather cosy and dark so it’ll be good for intimate gatherings with a small group of friends (their largest table fits about only 7 people?). I’ll probably go back another time for their savoury waffle and pulled pork burger which I heard was good!

Overall 3.5/5 from me!

I’ve a lot more to post but very little time 😦 Soon soon…


ps: thanks everyone who’s ordered cookies!!! I’ll be having a busy busy time making all your orders but rest assured they’ll be delivered on time and I’ll smell like butter once this all blows over. On a side note, I’m really super thankful for tangs for advertising and collating orders for me ❤


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