Arteastiq- Paint with your pals

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Needed to kill time the other day with Rachel before T ended work and Kit had some dance thng so we decided to walk along the entire of orchard road only to realise we’ve probably seen it all. Whilst walking past mandarin gallery we chanced upon 2 women carrying canvas carriers and Rachel was telling me about some social painting concept at Mandarin Gallery and in the spur of the moment we signed up.

You get a 50 x 50 cm canvas, a pack of brushes and unlimited amount of paint and you can literally go wild and do whatever you want. If you’re running short on inspiration there are many reference books for you to browse and when you find something you like they can photo copy it for you to keep at your easel. Had a lot of fun pretending we were tai tais waiting for our husbands to end work (okay maybe that was just me) and painting with a friend is very relaxing, you literally sit there and chill and talk for 3 hours while blowing off steam by attacking the canvas.

It’s rather affordable too in my opinion. For students (only weekdays) it’s $28, and if you’re going with your boyfriend or husband on monday’s it’s $48 for two of you guys and you get free drinks. There are lots of other promotions that you can check out on their website. I highly recommend this not only for the whole social aspect but you get a certain sense of achievement trudging your hugeass canvas home on the MRT and placing it nicely on your walls to serve as a reminder of a great day.


333A Orchard Road, #04-14/15 Mandarin Gallery

Singapore 238867

Cya soon!



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