Mrs Pho

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Mrs Pho serves authentic style Vietnamese dishes from classic Pho to flavourful lemon grass chicken. There has been a Pho craze recently with Vietnamese joints popping up everywhere. In my opinion all Pho broth taste the same to me. The real test of quality comes from the quality of the meat as well the side dishes available. Mrs Pho’s spring rolls are top notch and the best I’ve had from all other Vietnamese places. You can tell how fresh they are with the crunchy vegetables and succulent prawns and the sauce that comes with it really takes the cake. The meat balls and chicken wings are to die for too. As for the Pho, I had the beef combo special that incidence regular beef, beef balls and brisket. The brisket was definitely my favourite with tender pieces that weren’t cartilage filled.

Mother and I had 2 bowls of noodles and 4 side dishes which totalled to 30 dollars which is very very affordable I must say. I’d highly recommend this place despite the slight inaccessibility.

(sorry for the off centred photos, was in a rush to eat the food cause it looked so good)

Mrs Pho

349 Beach Rd, 199570
6292 0018

See you guys soon! (by the time y’all read this I’m probably in Amsterdam so stay tuned for lots and lots of photos of canals and TFIOS-esq photos)




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