Sneakers for days

IMG_5373 IMG_5374 IMG_5375 IMG_5442 IMG_5443 IMG_5454 IMG_5461


Hey hey friends it’s been a really long time since I posted anything on this space. I’ve honestly been too tired with work and other commitments, leaving little time for myself anymore. I finally found the time to sit down the write up a little post about my CNY outfit. Ever since work started all I’ve been wearing is sneakers and more sneakers. I just love how I can do whatever the hell I want and not have to worry about my feet hurting or looking sloppy. I’ve also grown increasingly insecure over my arms?? Maybe cause T keeps jiggling my fats so I went for a T shirt dress that really brought me back to my golf days when I had a ton of polo t shirts. I just love how the black and white Nike’s paired well with the black and white pattern of the dress to give the outfit a very funky vibe because I need to look young so I don’t feel like an old fart compared to all the little kids I see during visiting.

I am starting to get bored of blogging to be honest. I prefer the spontaneity of instagram because things can just go up on a whim but for blogging I have to take my time of think of what I want to say? idk maybe I’ll just start putting up photos that don’t have a place on instagram here… work is so tiring /cries softly/




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