T’s first book out!!!!!


IMG_4130 IMG_4247 IMG_4249 IMG_4254 IMG_4260

Apologies for not posting in so long, I’ve realised viewership has gone down a lot sobs 😥 Shall go through what happened when T booked out for the first time!! It was a shitty 2 weeks cause I’ve always been used to him there 24/7 to reply text and answer my calls but time talking to him dwindled to a mere half an hour each day. The worst part was that on some days I couldn’t even talk to him cause I would be working the nightshift. On the week of his book out he told me some bad news that he might get recalled back to camp?? This really pissed me off cause I had taken Sunday off to spend time together only yo have had my plans foiled by the SAF (grrrr). But in the end they let them go on Thursday night instead of Friday which I didn’t know about until T surprised me at work!!!! No photos of that night but we ended up going to the movies and attempted to walk from NEX to my place.

The next day he came over and literally died on my bed. I attempted to give him a back massage cause he was in a lot of pain but to no avail. Had to send him home in a taxi causing me to be late for work but it was all worthwhile to know that he was safe. The SAF didn’t recall in the end so we spent Sunday eating Nandos and being fools around Jurong. (look how handsome he looks in Smart 4!!!!!)

Twas a good weekend indeed (satisfied emoji)



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