Nunsongyee 눈송이 Food Review

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Been waiting for the perfect time to post this review and since the Sun has been merciless these few days I saw it fit to post about this lovely shaved iced dessert known as bingsu from Nunsongyee. Firstly, I have to admit the place was so hard to get to. Even by car my mum and I drove for a good 5 minutes in circles to find it as the compound is hidden between rows of landed property. If you’re walking from Serangoon Gardens or Bartley MRT it should take you a good 15-25 minute walk. However I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

We ordered one cinnamon toast ($8?) and the black sesame bing su ($18.90). The cinnamon toast was very very lack lustre. By the time we got our order the toast was crispy but the kochi was flavourless and cold! The coating of cinnamon sugar wasn’t enough to cover the taste of the bland mochi, would not recommend!!!

However the bing su was another story! I’ve personally never tried bing su before, at least I don’t think it existed when I when to korea 12 years ago, but this was really something. The soft powdery snow ice was super yummy with the condensed milk sauce. Black sesame powder gave it an extra kick of texture while the red beans were perfectly balanced to an already sweet dish. My only complaint would be that I wish there was more milk!! Got to the end and we were eating dry bites of snow and black sesame powder (yuck). This is a good place for friends to come and unwind on a hot hot day to chill. The atmosphere is also really cozy and has a typical Korean Cafe vibe. I’d advice for 3 people to share one bing su because 18.90 is not cheap at all??? It’ll be so worth it especially after pigging out at chomp chomp and taking that long walk there to relax.

I’m starting to run out of wordpress memory to store my photos so I’m probably going to expand or move this space somewhere else. blegh.



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