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Arteastiq- Paint with your pals

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Needed to kill time the other day with Rachel before T ended work and Kit had some dance thng so we decided to walk along the entire of orchard road only to realise we’ve probably seen it all. Whilst walking past mandarin gallery we chanced upon 2 women carrying canvas carriers and Rachel was telling me about some social painting concept at Mandarin Gallery and in the spur of the moment we signed up.

You get a 50 x 50 cm canvas, a pack of brushes and unlimited amount of paint and you can literally go wild and do whatever you want. If you’re running short on inspiration there are many reference books for you to browse and when you find something you like they can photo copy it for you to keep at your easel. Had a lot of fun pretending we were tai tais waiting for our husbands to end work (okay maybe that was just me) and painting with a friend is very relaxing, you literally sit there and chill and talk for 3 hours while blowing off steam by attacking the canvas.

It’s rather affordable too in my opinion. For students (only weekdays) it’s $28, and if you’re going with your boyfriend or husband on monday’s it’s $48 for two of you guys and you get free drinks. There are lots of other promotions that you can check out on their website. I highly recommend this not only for the whole social aspect but you get a certain sense of achievement trudging your hugeass canvas home on the MRT and placing it nicely on your walls to serve as a reminder of a great day.


333A Orchard Road, #04-14/15 Mandarin Gallery

Singapore 238867

Cya soon!



Check Mate

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Shirt and top: Editors market, Headband: DIY, Shoes: Mum’s, Purse: Coach

Somehow I’m really into pants lately?? I think it’s due to the chilly (sort of) weather we’ve been having lately and my new found insecurity towards my legs HAHA. I love how well patterned and nicely cut pants can immediately make an outfit seemingly formal? I particularly enjoyed how the pant had a checkered print that was sort of cute but the dark muted colours made it more wearable and functional. Coincidentally the hairband i made a year ago was in a similar checkered print, so obviously I had to match them together because I love to look like I put a lot of effort into matching everything when really it’s all a happy coincidence. wow my sentences are so long. Paired it with a matching fluffy, white sweater to add an additional cosy factor and balance out the slim cut pants (though not very slim cause I have thunder thighs). Wore this out to eat with Sammy and Yangz and the last photo is a great depiction of what happens. Sammy is always helping me take pictures, while nuisance Yang Han is just standing there being useless and making inapropro jokes HAHA. More post will be up on the food we ate that day!!

See ya’ll on Saturday


ps: I just realised ps means post script and not please see wowowow bimbo moments all day, everyday.

Studying is fun

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Hello internet pals! How have you guys been? I am currently procrastinating from chemistry and I thought a little small post would suffice. I’ve been in a dry spell lately- not the sexual kind but like the motivational kind? HAHA. Basically I’m having trouble finding the motivation to study. These 2 weeks were meant to come and go like a breeze, but lately it has been more like a slow excruciating wait for the end- akin to watching paint dry.

T has been a really big help with this dry spell of mine. When you can’t pick yourself up, surround yourself with positive people! They don’t need to be like on crack kind of happy but they should be someone who is positive enough to care for you enough to help you out of your rut. Something else that’s great is to make happiness out of nothing. Try and find joy in every little thing. Something that makes me happy is catching zombies on this game I play called Zombie Catchers. Each time the game needs about 30 minutes to load, so I make myself focus and world harder within that 30 minutes just so that time can past quicker and I can impale more zombies with a harpoon! If you can take nothing and turn it into something just with a change in mindset I think that’s a damn wonderful thing??

The photos above are from the pasar malam T and I visited yesterday and we basically stood in the middle of the place for 10 minutes deciding what to eat #firstworldproblems. But there was nothing more fun than taking a (much deserved) break and exploring a new place. We found takoyaki balls going for 6 pieces for 2 bucks and got T’s mum new pyjamas! I really think this period of mutual suffering has brought T and I closer (sometimes a bit too close) and helped strengthened our relationship. So if you wanna know the secret to a successful relationship- take the A levels together HAHAHAH

Back to studying


Ps: download zombie catchers you will not regret!!!!!

A personal post?

IMG_8088 IMG_8098 IMG_8110 IMG_8113 IMG_8154 IMG_8162 IMG_8172 IMG_8167Hello pals, A levels start tomorrow!!!!!! I am feeling unsurmountable bouts of stress that I have never felt in my life D: In the midst of studying, I thought I’d post a few pictures up to keep this page alive. Above are some photos of when we tried to surprise Kristy at her house for her birthday. While we were trying to sneak around, we accidentally bursts a balloon and her house is just this hallow hole and the sound of the bursting balloon reverberated throughout. It was a great time nonetheless and I ate everything at the Mualim household :’) Ahhh I’m so excited for As to end so I can finally spend time with my friends. SO many things to do, so many cafes to visit and so much food to eat!!!!! I can hardly contain myself- and my pants will hardly be able to contain me after I am done eating all the food.

Happy studying and may the bell curve be ever in your favour :*


Here Comes the Sun

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Why hello hello welcome back to this weeks post. Thought a little appreciation post was needed on this blog. If you didn’t know  I am a very… very introverted person. Meaning physically spending time in big groups tires me out tremendously and majority of the time my mind is filled with little voices questioning my every move, and filling myself with self doubt. I recently spent this long weekend surrounded with a lot of people, a culmination of good friends which I never spent time with all at once. Yes it was mentally and physically draining and I think I spent a large part of the time in silence and in my own little world but there was nothing but joy and stillness within me. There is solace in knowing that you are surrounded by the ones you love and the best part is that they love you back equally and whole heartedly :’)

To My Family:

For consistently reminding me that I am a slob and the need to step up my game; teaching me that everyday is a day for self-improvement. For going to the ends of the earth for me and (especially elliot) never letting me go a day without a warm fuzzy hug.

To Tangsy:

For endless amounts of understanding and forgiveness. For taking all my ootds. For experiencing new thingsFor loving me beyond my physical and character flaws. For reminding me that the best part of being in a relationship is having someone by your side to pull you out of your misery, fix you back up and teach you to be independent and happy again. For the selflessness and giving me a reason to wake up each day.

To My Friends:

For endless amounts of laughter and foodasms. For failed runs in the park. For carrying my shit around school. For endless amounts of advice (which I never take but hey it is fun to talk about problems). For letting me take your food. For the prayers and well wishes. For accepting that you have to wait 10 minutes despite your food arriving already because I need tot take pictures of it. For all the little things that warm my frosty heart.

Thank you for everything ❤

ps even if you aren’t pictured here doesn’t mean I don’t love you!!! Just that these were the photos I took recently and wanted to share 🙂

Littered With Books









A rather out of the ordinary post today about a bookstore (secretly just attempting to clear these photos from my backlog). After the lobster the other day, we were in a deep deep food coma and decided to walk it out. Littered With Books is kinda like if someone bought Border’s book selection and turned his shop house into it. The place is very very homely and the book range is so so good. It’ the type of place that makes you wanna lie and roll all over with a good book all day. I legit spazzed with Jialin over this place for a good 30s and everyone stared HAHA. Also if anyone wants they could get me the Leon cookbook, basically my two favourite things put together 😉 Do check it out, they really deserve the patronage!

Littered with Books
20 Duxton Rd, 089486
6220 6824


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Top: H&M, Bikini: Zalora, Body: post lunch food baby + lack of several months of exercise

In an attempt to make proper use of our holidays, T and I have thought it’d be wise to get out pale asses into the sun before we look like we came out of Twilight. Side story: we purchased some high tech nivea lotion that was suppose to “protect and bronze” which I wanted to review. However I realised that it was rather hard to check if the sunscreen did it’s job because I would have to wait 50 years to see if I contracted skin cancer or not. The “bronzing” part worked quite well though. T had a visible tan line and if you know him you’d realise that his skin is as white as Karen Smith from Mean girls, if you know what I mean. Also check out my feeble attempts to wear some colour with the summery flowers that make you wanna prance around Gardens by the Bay and take an ootd with the caption “#summer”.

Have a great day


ps: FYI for everyone who have been wondering how skinny my arms are.. theres a photo just for you :*

(That was not me pls ignore omg)

pps: don’t drink the pool water cause birds bathe in them yupp PSA for you today.