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Nepal Photo Diary

20131124_080002 20131124_104713 20131124_124331 IMG_1180 IMG_1185 IMG_1204 IMG_1217 IMG_1244 IMG_1270 IMG_1271 IMG_1307 IMG_1316 IMG_1337 IMG_1342 IMG_1367 20131126_151638 20131126_151730 IMG_1381 IMG_1382 DSC_0932 DSC_0943 20131127_195440 20131129_124700 20131129_153233 20131129_171814 20131130_094700 20131130_095527 20131130_095803 20131201_092504 20131201_092706 20131201_095531 20131201_100142 20131201_113753(0) 20131201_113852 20131201_114850Finally collated all my photos taken in Nepal and chose a few favourites that captured the essence of my entire trip. Serious wanderlust considering I’ve just ended exams and the count down to the next one has already begun. If all goes well I’ll be spending december in Cambodia and Bangkok with T.

(ps the photo above of my legs was when I decided to use minimal fingers to hold up my flask of hot water and consequently spill it all over my thighs. The doctor bandaged it up and I couldn’t wear long pants for a few days, literally froze in the 8 degree winter nights)