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T’s first book out!!!!!


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Apologies for not posting in so long, I’ve realised viewership has gone down a lot sobs 😥 Shall go through what happened when T booked out for the first time!! It was a shitty 2 weeks cause I’ve always been used to him there 24/7 to reply text and answer my calls but time talking to him dwindled to a mere half an hour each day. The worst part was that on some days I couldn’t even talk to him cause I would be working the nightshift. On the week of his book out he told me some bad news that he might get recalled back to camp?? This really pissed me off cause I had taken Sunday off to spend time together only yo have had my plans foiled by the SAF (grrrr). But in the end they let them go on Thursday night instead of Friday which I didn’t know about until T surprised me at work!!!! No photos of that night but we ended up going to the movies and attempted to walk from NEX to my place.

The next day he came over and literally died on my bed. I attempted to give him a back massage cause he was in a lot of pain but to no avail. Had to send him home in a taxi causing me to be late for work but it was all worthwhile to know that he was safe. The SAF didn’t recall in the end so we spent Sunday eating Nandos and being fools around Jurong. (look how handsome he looks in Smart 4!!!!!)

Twas a good weekend indeed (satisfied emoji)



Haw Par Villa

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Hey pals let me tell you something: the poverty is real. Once As ended so did the bank account and with every outing the money slowly dwindled into nonexistence. Reasons why T and I needed to find ways to have fun in Singapore without spending a single cent. This was my first time at Haw Par Villa and it was really super fun. Honestly there is not much you can do but the Chinese culture from the place was super worth walking in the scorching sun. Who knew there were so many ancient Chinese stories?!?! We even explored the abandoned stage but I was too scared to venture the underground HAHA. On the down side I got 826176 mosquito bites. Hoping to do more free + fun stuff before T enlists in March!! Perhaps go on more hikes and runs cause God knows I need the exercise 😭

Till next time



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No that isn’t me…. This is T as in Tangsy as in Tang as in I call my boyfriend by his last name cause I like the sound of it. Decided to stop being a narcissistic bitch and posting about myself for once HAHA (once in a blue moon occurrence woohoo).

So, this is T’s ootd from our date night at Standing Sushi Bar. If you walk along orchard road or any other road for that instance, you’ll find boys i.e. age 15-25, all dressed the same. Majority wears the same shorts, or jeans depending, with a long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up and that bloody pair of Sperry’s or a boat shoe of that variety. Which in my opinion doesn’t look bad, it’s just plain ass boring. I’ve also come to the conclusion that it sucks to be male.

For one, men’s clothing is more expensive. You don’t see good looking suits going for anything less than 200, yet a girl can rack up a dress of equivalent appropriateness for a fraction of the price. Women also have tons of variety- Skirts, shirts, pants, all coming in multitudes of patterns, shapes and colours. All men can really do is play with patterns but they are still placed under a glass ceiling, lest they look gay or like Tim Gunn. Then again Tim Gunn is gay. Okay rambling sorry back to my point.

My point is that, I am so happy for T in my life. He’s never afraid to go out of the norms. He isn’t afraid to be different from everyone else and not follow the same bullcrap everyone else gives. From layering with his denim jacket he loves so flipping much to being that voice of reason and to look beyond the glass ceiling. He’s able to see situations in new perspectives and make them work for him (as you can tell we aren’t taking about fashion anymore…). He isn’t one to cruise along with the rest just because it is safe or popular. Yet, he never gets into conflicts cause the asshole is always right and sometimes I hate that about him but most of the times I love it. Most. He brings out the best in me and he makes up for what I lack. We complement each other like ying and yang and I hope you (yes, you the reader) will find that too.

Here’s a toast of 2015 for new things to come.



Smells like freedom

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Dress: carousell, Cardigan: HnM, Flats: Aldo, Bag: Balenciaga which I just found out has mould on it??? #prayforkonstance

Hello pals!!! As you can tell from the title I am finally free from the clutches of satanic demons known as the A levels. It’s saturday and it feels like the papers ended a few weeks ago but really it was this tuesday? I’ll be compiling a video of sorts on stuff i’ve done this holiday- mainly videos of food, me eating food and on the rarest occasion, me exercising. First up T and I had a cute little date night to celebrate the end of suffering. I went over to his place and we did a short cover of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (link here). Then we head down to Standing Sushi Bar for dinner!

We initially went because of the $3 for 5 pieces of salmon but we didn’t read the sign properly and went to the Raffles outlet instead of the Queen Street one, only to have our sashimi dreams crushed. Nonetheless we decided to stick it out! The deals there were just as great with sashimi, chicken karaage, mentai tofu and Asahi beer, our new found favourite, going for $5. We ordered mains like unagi and ebi fry which we thoroughly enjoyed. To be honest even without the deals we would continue to come back because the food is good and fresh! And the hostess was literally the nicest and gave us sake shots on the house HAHA. The total bill came to about 60 for the two of us and 60 bucks I wouldn’t mind spending again and again.

After the meal I was tipsy, because I have the alcohol tolerance of a 3 year old so we walked around the CBD area to clear my head. Ended up posing with the art instalments and had a great great time. Also ended the day off with pudding from paris baguette. I am so bloody happy.

Standing Sushi Bar

16 Collyer Quay #02-02
Income @ Raffles
8 Queen Street
Unit 01-03 Singapore Art Museum
Singapore  188535

More exciting food and fun adventures to come!


ps: doesn’t T look extremely dashing hehe

Double Trouble

IMG_8563  IMG_8571 IMG_8580 IMG_8582 IMG_8592 Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset IMG_8605 IMG_8608

On me: Denim button down from Esprit, pleather skirt from Scape and Mother’s Tod’s

On T: Denim jacket from Levis, chinos from cheap mondays and worn out Converse

Last, last weekend was my father’s birthday as well as the weekend before our first year anniversary so we decided to dress up a bit and head to town to catch Gone Girl- it is R21 but honestly if you can go go go watch it it is really good and honestly the best movie I have watched in a long time. Went with denim because T wanted to wear his new Levi’s jacket which he spent 3 weeks contemplating whether to purchase or not (such a cutie). Darker denim is always so vampy for me so I matched it with the pleather skirt that I adorn whenever I have nothing else to wear and purple lips which you may or may not be able to see. I have to say we look really good here and nothing like Britney and Justin Timberlake circa 2001. I also have to add that T looks extremely dashing :’)

I’ve started to realise how my blog is becoming this depiction of me- what I want you to see and sometimes not really me. I think I’ll start adding more personal stuff here too since this is a space I wanna look back at maybe 20 years down the road and remember all the fond memories I have. Hopefully I don’t make a colossal ass of myself which I happen to do so frequently.

Back to studying 😦


Here Comes the Sun

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Why hello hello welcome back to this weeks post. Thought a little appreciation post was needed on this blog. If you didn’t know  I am a very… very introverted person. Meaning physically spending time in big groups tires me out tremendously and majority of the time my mind is filled with little voices questioning my every move, and filling myself with self doubt. I recently spent this long weekend surrounded with a lot of people, a culmination of good friends which I never spent time with all at once. Yes it was mentally and physically draining and I think I spent a large part of the time in silence and in my own little world but there was nothing but joy and stillness within me. There is solace in knowing that you are surrounded by the ones you love and the best part is that they love you back equally and whole heartedly :’)

To My Family:

For consistently reminding me that I am a slob and the need to step up my game; teaching me that everyday is a day for self-improvement. For going to the ends of the earth for me and (especially elliot) never letting me go a day without a warm fuzzy hug.

To Tangsy:

For endless amounts of understanding and forgiveness. For taking all my ootds. For experiencing new thingsFor loving me beyond my physical and character flaws. For reminding me that the best part of being in a relationship is having someone by your side to pull you out of your misery, fix you back up and teach you to be independent and happy again. For the selflessness and giving me a reason to wake up each day.

To My Friends:

For endless amounts of laughter and foodasms. For failed runs in the park. For carrying my shit around school. For endless amounts of advice (which I never take but hey it is fun to talk about problems). For letting me take your food. For the prayers and well wishes. For accepting that you have to wait 10 minutes despite your food arriving already because I need tot take pictures of it. For all the little things that warm my frosty heart.

Thank you for everything ❤

ps even if you aren’t pictured here doesn’t mean I don’t love you!!! Just that these were the photos I took recently and wanted to share 🙂


IMG_7255 IMG_7300 IMG_7304 IMG_7333 IMG_7336 IMG_7356 IMG_7378 IMG_7395 IMG_7408 IMG_7415 IMG_7441 IMG_7447 IMG_7454 IMG_7458

Top: H&M, Bikini: Zalora, Body: post lunch food baby + lack of several months of exercise

In an attempt to make proper use of our holidays, T and I have thought it’d be wise to get out pale asses into the sun before we look like we came out of Twilight. Side story: we purchased some high tech nivea lotion that was suppose to “protect and bronze” which I wanted to review. However I realised that it was rather hard to check if the sunscreen did it’s job because I would have to wait 50 years to see if I contracted skin cancer or not. The “bronzing” part worked quite well though. T had a visible tan line and if you know him you’d realise that his skin is as white as Karen Smith from Mean girls, if you know what I mean. Also check out my feeble attempts to wear some colour with the summery flowers that make you wanna prance around Gardens by the Bay and take an ootd with the caption “#summer”.

Have a great day


ps: FYI for everyone who have been wondering how skinny my arms are.. theres a photo just for you :*

(That was not me pls ignore omg)

pps: don’t drink the pool water cause birds bathe in them yupp PSA for you today.