Grids and Spaces

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Top: ASOS, Culotte: Monki, Shoes: On Pedder, Backpack: Urban Outfitters

There is something so rewarding about taking the time to put an outfit together for an evening out on the town. Lately with work basically taking up 24/7 of my life and T serving the nation, we’ve rarely found the time (or energy) to drag ourselves out of the house and have a nice dinner. Reasons why I love when the 14th of each month arrives. This means I have a reason to make T bring me to a nice place (my choice of course muahahah) to eat where I also force him to take my ootd and sit there staring at food while I spend 20 minutes taking photos.

That aside, I’m loving my new culottes from Monki in Europe!! The only one in Asia is in HK if I’m not wrong but I am absolutely in love with their clothes. My only regret is spending too much at the Adventure time store meaning I had to be very price conscious at Monki 😦 The culottes were only £10 (15SGD??). Side story- I was honestly coveting these pants for a good month or so on the online store so to have found them on sale in europe was a dream come true!!!! They are so light and airy making it perfect for the Singapore weather yet bring an edge to the outfit as compared to the usual high waisted shorts and mini skirts that everyone in SCAPE wears. I even wore them to work and the flow-y material allowed me to move around the cafe with ease. hehe can’t wait to wear them out more or not wear them at all until I’ve properly rotated all my new pieces of clothing wewewew. Hopefully I’ll get the Amsterdam photo diary up next cause the draft has just been sitting there…

bye-bye time for ballet hehe



Life in colour

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Blazer: Pull and Bear, Camisole: ASOS, 3/4 Jeans: Esprit, Shoes: Tao Bao, Bag: Cambridge Satchel

Hey pals, haven’t written anything in awhile cause work and baking has taken a huge huge toll on me. Found myself spending any pockets of free time I have cooped up in my room sleeping or eating. Hopefully all that will change soon 😦 Done with the last of the CNY orders but still have a catering order to do soon sobs. Okay enough ranting about life woes.

These were taken a few weeks back when I was super excited to go to the museum and use the Photo Booth. Dragged Rachel along with me since we had to do some dance stuff for church anyways! I knew there was going to be a lot of walking that day but I still wanted to be taller than 1.6m you know?? So I had to wear my fav platform ankle boots (okay are they a boot cause it has the shape of one or is it a platform sandal cause of the holes and all that #halp) from tao bao!!! They are my happiest buy just because I was so impressed at the quality plus I think it adds edginess to any outfit. Also been into the whole androgynous fashion white explains the white blazer yet I am still some lame o girly girly so I obviously paired it with pink HAHA oh well- I tried.

Hoping for more outings where I can dress up without having o worry about chocolate sauce getting onto my shirt.

talk to you soon 🙂