Tanuki Raw

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Heyo back with another food review of Tanuki Raw where T and I had for our anniversary the other time! Firstly, the food was pretty good. I had the Truffle Yakiniku Don (18) while T had the the Yakitori Don (18). Both had a healthy portion of meat with furikake rice. In my opinion I could do without the furikake rice cause it made the whole meal a little too salty? Though once I literally swallowed the beef the furikake rice proved yummy on its own. The truffle flavor is very subtle and blends well with the taste of egg yolk. The beef was a little chewy ( was expecting melt in your mouth :-() but nonetheless seasoned well! For T, his yakitori was very very yummy with juicy chicken that wasn’t overly saucy which you find in many other teriyaki chicken dishes else where.

Sides: We ordered an order of oysters, salmon sashimi, as well as the caveman roll. Oysters were fresh and the pickled topping was very nice to give a fresh bite to the rich oyster flavor. The caveman roll was my favourite!! It was cuts of raw beef, still red and juicy, with a wasabi mayo that I absolutely loved. The raw beef was so eye opening because I had never had anything so texturely fulfilling???? Also not bloody and no mad cow disease guaranteed!!! The sashimi was super super disappointing in my opinion. It was cut so badly and had the not fresh fishy smell. Very very disappointed compared to the one we had at Standing sushi bar.

Lastly, I wanna address the shitty service there that everyone talks about. Personally, I had very good service. Despite the one of two prompts needed for cups for my water and for the table to be cleaned. All my food came on time with the correct orders given and they were very responsive to me. However I feel so bad for the couple next to us where not only got the wrong order but also waited much longer for their food than we did despite us ordering later. T and I suspect it’s because we ordered 90 dollars worth of food so they had to be nice to us HAHAHA. If you just wanna try the beef bowl go for lunch because it’s cheaper (14.8) and you don’t really wanna pay for shitty service do you? There’s lunch deals from 11:30-3 that you can view hereBut if you’re going on a date where your significant other is paying, feel free to go for the dinner and sit by the balcony to enjoy live music along with your booze and raw salmon (all I feel is bliss thinking about this.. time to drag T to bring me again muahahah)

Tanuki Raw

181 Orchard Road
#02-03 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Happy eating friends!



Life in colour

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Blazer: Pull and Bear, Camisole: ASOS, 3/4 Jeans: Esprit, Shoes: Tao Bao, Bag: Cambridge Satchel

Hey pals, haven’t written anything in awhile cause work and baking has taken a huge huge toll on me. Found myself spending any pockets of free time I have cooped up in my room sleeping or eating. Hopefully all that will change soon 😦 Done with the last of the CNY orders but still have a catering order to do soon sobs. Okay enough ranting about life woes.

These were taken a few weeks back when I was super excited to go to the museum and use the Photo Booth. Dragged Rachel along with me since we had to do some dance stuff for church anyways! I knew there was going to be a lot of walking that day but I still wanted to be taller than 1.6m you know?? So I had to wear my fav platform ankle boots (okay are they a boot cause it has the shape of one or is it a platform sandal cause of the holes and all that #halp) from tao bao!!! They are my happiest buy just because I was so impressed at the quality plus I think it adds edginess to any outfit. Also been into the whole androgynous fashion white explains the white blazer yet I am still some lame o girly girly so I obviously paired it with pink HAHA oh well- I tried.

Hoping for more outings where I can dress up without having o worry about chocolate sauce getting onto my shirt.

talk to you soon 🙂


Department of Caffeine


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Hey hey quick post for today!!! It’s finally and off day and I’m meeting Rachel and Matthew later for lots of food and fun stuff which makes me very happy.

After ramen the other day (post here), we went to Department of Caffeine for dessert! It was initially our first choice for lunch but we realised it wouldn’t be very filling and there wasn’t much savoury options anyway. We had two waffles! The Buttermilk Waffle with Butter Rum Bananas as well as the “special” Varlhona Chocolate Waffle. Honestly speaking there wasn’t anything really special about the waffles. They were made very well though and I really enjoyed the texture of the waffle with a crispy exterior and soft interior! The chocolate waffle had a very rich hot chocolate taste to it but I don’t think it was a good flavour in general just because everything about the waffle seemed a bit disorganised? It’s very simple and didn’t really feel like much thought was put into the creation of that flavour. Really nothing special to rave about… meh.

The overall ambience of the place was great though. It’s rather cosy and dark so it’ll be good for intimate gatherings with a small group of friends (their largest table fits about only 7 people?). I’ll probably go back another time for their savoury waffle and pulled pork burger which I heard was good!

Overall 3.5/5 from me!

I’ve a lot more to post but very little time 😦 Soon soon…


ps: thanks everyone who’s ordered cookies!!! I’ll be having a busy busy time making all your orders but rest assured they’ll be delivered on time and I’ll smell like butter once this all blows over. On a side note, I’m really super thankful for tangs for advertising and collating orders for me ❤

Keisuke Tonkotsu King [5/5]

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Hey hey gonna share about my favourite ramen place in SG today!!! Can’t really take credit for finding the place cause it was really papa Lim who introduced it to us. Papa is a taxi driver so he often finds himself in various parts of Singapore he wouldn’t regularly visit and he is never one to turn down something new. He first brought us there almost 2 years ago and it’s been a go to place for my family and I to get our ramen fix.

They have many many outlets but my favourite is definitely the Tanjong Pagar outlet! Really just because it’s so small and it makes you feel like you are in Japan during the Summer haha. The ramen is rather special as each bowl is customisable where you can choose how thick and oily you want your broth, doneness of your noodle and what toppings you like. I typically put no oil and have my noodles really al dente cause I like it chewyyyy. The place is rather ‘no frills’, they literally only sell 3 types of ramen and nothing else (besides drinks, of course). Each table also comes accompanied with a mountain of unlimited hardboiled eggs that you can crack and dip in mayo/sesame/bonito as well as cooked bean sprouts which I love to pile into my ramen bowl. For big eaters you can add a portion of noodles for an addition $2! But my favourite favourite thing about their ramen would have to be the onset eggs!!!!! Every single time I go, each egg is perfectly cooked with perfectly soyed whites and oozy, creamy yolks that will keep you coming back for more.

If the limited choices are slightly underwhelming, Keisuke has a chain of other restaurants that serve the same quality ramen in many more varieties! They even have a shop dedicated to just Gyoza’s called Gyoza King. If you’ve ever been to japan you may find business men eating just gyozas as a side dish with rice and Gyoza King gives you that experience so it’s definitely worth a try! Rice is also unlimited there so the inner jew can be unleashed HAHA. Go go go, you won’t regret it!!!

Keisuke Tonkotsu King

1 Tras Link, Singapore 078867


Check Mate

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Shirt and top: Editors market, Headband: DIY, Shoes: Mum’s, Purse: Coach

Somehow I’m really into pants lately?? I think it’s due to the chilly (sort of) weather we’ve been having lately and my new found insecurity towards my legs HAHA. I love how well patterned and nicely cut pants can immediately make an outfit seemingly formal? I particularly enjoyed how the pant had a checkered print that was sort of cute but the dark muted colours made it more wearable and functional. Coincidentally the hairband i made a year ago was in a similar checkered print, so obviously I had to match them together because I love to look like I put a lot of effort into matching everything when really it’s all a happy coincidence. wow my sentences are so long. Paired it with a matching fluffy, white sweater to add an additional cosy factor and balance out the slim cut pants (though not very slim cause I have thunder thighs). Wore this out to eat with Sammy and Yangz and the last photo is a great depiction of what happens. Sammy is always helping me take pictures, while nuisance Yang Han is just standing there being useless and making inapropro jokes HAHA. More post will be up on the food we ate that day!!

See ya’ll on Saturday


ps: I just realised ps means post script and not please see wowowow bimbo moments all day, everyday.

Toby’s Estate [3/5]

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Hohoho coming to you with a food review as my first post to ring in the new year, cause why not yeah? Ever since I started working at Strangers’ my mother has been very excited that she can finally bring me along to all her hipster coffee joints cause I can finally appreciate it rather than giving the usual sour face in the past. First up was Toby’s Estate. It’s not really a new place and if you’ve been to Australia you may have visited it’s branch there. It’s sort of the in between Starbucks and Nylon. I could possibly call is pseudo-hipster? Anywho, I was more excited for the FOOD cause I am fat that way hurhur.

I decided to try something other than the traditional eggs ben with ham/smoked salmon and had it “Brooklyn Style” with stewed beef. At first glance the portion seemed rather small. And at $19++ it really didn’t seem worth it. But as I dug into the perfectly poached eggs, I knew it was going to be worth every penny (that I did not spend ha ha ha thanks mum). The stewed beef was perfectly tender and surprisingly sweet. Each bite of beef atop of lightly toasted brioche bread and smothered with runny eggs sent my tastebuds into savoury brunch heaven. A definite must try in my book!!!

Brother had the Tobias Burger which was very simple and classic. The patty was juicy while the raw mushroom and pickled beetroot gave the burger a rather interesting kick. If you’re not a fan of raw veggies or odd things like beetroot I don’t think it’s worth your money cause essentially it’s $25 for a burger where you’re gonna take things out and it’ll be the same burger as you’ll get for $9.50 at Ollie Café.

Lastly, Mother had the Tropical Chicken Salad. It’s essentially very very well grilled chicken, leaves and fruit. Though it was filling and I must say, very tasty, considering I’m not the type that enjoys fruit in my savoury items, I highly do not recommend eating a salad if you’re café hopping or something. If you’re like some tai tai and is at clarke quay waiting for your other tai tai friends to come before y’all go for hot pilates or tropical yoga or whatever nonsense y’all are into then by all means it really is a great salad. For everyone else… yeah no.

Coffee was very nice I must say, enjoyed the blend though I can’t say much cause I am not expert in this area HAHA. Oh oh the iced chai was really nice too then again all chai’s that I think are nice just taste like the remnants of milk you get from eating a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast.

TL;DR: Pretty chill place. Good place to study/ do work since there is free wifi. Food is a little pricey so you may wanna give it a miss if you’re cafe hopping on a tight budget. Try savoury breakfast items cause the sweet ones like french toast is not worth it. But for meetings with friends and you have the money to spend then go ahead.

Toby’s Estate

8 Rodyk Street #01-03/04, 238216

I’ve got many more adventures to post so stay tuned for more food porn~


PS: Lol this is in no way discriminatory towards tai tai’s I am just here sitting at my computer writing BS half the time that sounds funny to me. So please don’t take much offence. Everything else besides the tai tai thing is highly serious okay food is very serious!!! I don’t know what I am saying anymore it is 2am help me.

Haw Par Villa

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Hey pals let me tell you something: the poverty is real. Once As ended so did the bank account and with every outing the money slowly dwindled into nonexistence. Reasons why T and I needed to find ways to have fun in Singapore without spending a single cent. This was my first time at Haw Par Villa and it was really super fun. Honestly there is not much you can do but the Chinese culture from the place was super worth walking in the scorching sun. Who knew there were so many ancient Chinese stories?!?! We even explored the abandoned stage but I was too scared to venture the underground HAHA. On the down side I got 826176 mosquito bites. Hoping to do more free + fun stuff before T enlists in March!! Perhaps go on more hikes and runs cause God knows I need the exercise 😭

Till next time