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Grids and Spaces

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Top: ASOS, Culotte: Monki, Shoes: On Pedder, Backpack: Urban Outfitters

There is something so rewarding about taking the time to put an outfit together for an evening out on the town. Lately with work basically taking up 24/7 of my life and T serving the nation, we’ve rarely found the time (or energy) to drag ourselves out of the house and have a nice dinner. Reasons why I love when the 14th of each month arrives. This means I have a reason to make T bring me to a nice place (my choice of course muahahah) to eat where I also force him to take my ootd and sit there staring at food while I spend 20 minutes taking photos.

That aside, I’m loving my new culottes from Monki in Europe!! The only one in Asia is in HK if I’m not wrong but I am absolutely in love with their clothes. My only regret is spending too much at the Adventure time store meaning I had to be very price conscious at Monki 😦 The culottes were only £10 (15SGD??). Side story- I was honestly coveting these pants for a good month or so on the online store so to have found them on sale in europe was a dream come true!!!! They are so light and airy making it perfect for the Singapore weather yet bring an edge to the outfit as compared to the usual high waisted shorts and mini skirts that everyone in SCAPE wears. I even wore them to work and the flow-y material allowed me to move around the cafe with ease. hehe can’t wait to wear them out more or not wear them at all until I’ve properly rotated all my new pieces of clothing wewewew. Hopefully I’ll get the Amsterdam photo diary up next cause the draft has just been sitting there…

bye-bye time for ballet hehe



Life in colour

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Blazer: Pull and Bear, Camisole: ASOS, 3/4 Jeans: Esprit, Shoes: Tao Bao, Bag: Cambridge Satchel

Hey pals, haven’t written anything in awhile cause work and baking has taken a huge huge toll on me. Found myself spending any pockets of free time I have cooped up in my room sleeping or eating. Hopefully all that will change soon 😦 Done with the last of the CNY orders but still have a catering order to do soon sobs. Okay enough ranting about life woes.

These were taken a few weeks back when I was super excited to go to the museum and use the Photo Booth. Dragged Rachel along with me since we had to do some dance stuff for church anyways! I knew there was going to be a lot of walking that day but I still wanted to be taller than 1.6m you know?? So I had to wear my fav platform ankle boots (okay are they a boot cause it has the shape of one or is it a platform sandal cause of the holes and all that #halp) from tao bao!!! They are my happiest buy just because I was so impressed at the quality plus I think it adds edginess to any outfit. Also been into the whole androgynous fashion white explains the white blazer yet I am still some lame o girly girly so I obviously paired it with pink HAHA oh well- I tried.

Hoping for more outings where I can dress up without having o worry about chocolate sauce getting onto my shirt.

talk to you soon 🙂



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No that isn’t me…. This is T as in Tangsy as in Tang as in I call my boyfriend by his last name cause I like the sound of it. Decided to stop being a narcissistic bitch and posting about myself for once HAHA (once in a blue moon occurrence woohoo).

So, this is T’s ootd from our date night at Standing Sushi Bar. If you walk along orchard road or any other road for that instance, you’ll find boys i.e. age 15-25, all dressed the same. Majority wears the same shorts, or jeans depending, with a long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up and that bloody pair of Sperry’s or a boat shoe of that variety. Which in my opinion doesn’t look bad, it’s just plain ass boring. I’ve also come to the conclusion that it sucks to be male.

For one, men’s clothing is more expensive. You don’t see good looking suits going for anything less than 200, yet a girl can rack up a dress of equivalent appropriateness for a fraction of the price. Women also have tons of variety- Skirts, shirts, pants, all coming in multitudes of patterns, shapes and colours. All men can really do is play with patterns but they are still placed under a glass ceiling, lest they look gay or like Tim Gunn. Then again Tim Gunn is gay. Okay rambling sorry back to my point.

My point is that, I am so happy for T in my life. He’s never afraid to go out of the norms. He isn’t afraid to be different from everyone else and not follow the same bullcrap everyone else gives. From layering with his denim jacket he loves so flipping much to being that voice of reason and to look beyond the glass ceiling. He’s able to see situations in new perspectives and make them work for him (as you can tell we aren’t taking about fashion anymore…). He isn’t one to cruise along with the rest just because it is safe or popular. Yet, he never gets into conflicts cause the asshole is always right and sometimes I hate that about him but most of the times I love it. Most. He brings out the best in me and he makes up for what I lack. We complement each other like ying and yang and I hope you (yes, you the reader) will find that too.

Here’s a toast of 2015 for new things to come.



Interview? Interview.

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Top: Zara, Jeans: H&M, Smoking Slippers: Pedder Red

Wore this get-up for an interview last week at Stranger’s Reunion! It’s a café that sells the best buttermilk waffles in my opinion and they have another store next door called Waffle Slayer that just serves a range of savoury and sweet waffles, I’ve probably been there 5 times this year which is a lot considering I eat out an average of twice a month??

Anyways, I enjoyed how my top had this fish scale thing going on that gave a uniqueness to the outfit- I was desperately trying to impress them with how “cool” I was, which in reality I am everything but cool HAHA (sobs). I felt like the shoes helped as well, cause of the metal tip and leather detailing that puts an edge to the usual smoking slipper. My interview was less than impressive, I was a fumbly mess and wrote my year of birth as 2014. Really need to up my interview game especially when uni applications roll in next year and interviews will be needed if my grades aren’t good enough.

Regardless, I got the job! So y’all can come and find me at strangers and make my life hell if you want. I’d recommend the goat cheese omelette, corn fritters, eggs ben, and definitely classic waffles! For coffee try a magic or if you aren’t into that the hot chocolate is really really good.

Hope the holidays have been great for everybuddy!


ps: special thank you to T for coming down to support me at my interview! As well as being for 24/7 photographer, about 70 % of the photos you see on this space are taken by him. Love ya bubz ❤️

I touch my hair too much

 IMG_8532 IMG_8534 IMG_8537 IMG_8541T-Shirt: Mango, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Tao Bao

Say hi to the only photos I could find that didn’t make me look obsessed with touching my hair or the rain didn’t ruin (that much). White shirt and jeans is the crux of my entire wardrobe and it’s such an easy outfit to just throw together when you are lazy to find anything else to wear. It is current;y 3pm and all I wanna do is eat and take a nap instead of memorise the effectiveness of exchange rate policies 😦

pray I don’t die studying


 photo credits to sammy :*

Double Trouble

IMG_8563  IMG_8571 IMG_8580 IMG_8582 IMG_8592 Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset IMG_8605 IMG_8608

On me: Denim button down from Esprit, pleather skirt from Scape and Mother’s Tod’s

On T: Denim jacket from Levis, chinos from cheap mondays and worn out Converse

Last, last weekend was my father’s birthday as well as the weekend before our first year anniversary so we decided to dress up a bit and head to town to catch Gone Girl- it is R21 but honestly if you can go go go watch it it is really good and honestly the best movie I have watched in a long time. Went with denim because T wanted to wear his new Levi’s jacket which he spent 3 weeks contemplating whether to purchase or not (such a cutie). Darker denim is always so vampy for me so I matched it with the pleather skirt that I adorn whenever I have nothing else to wear and purple lips which you may or may not be able to see. I have to say we look really good here and nothing like Britney and Justin Timberlake circa 2001. I also have to add that T looks extremely dashing :’)

I’ve started to realise how my blog is becoming this depiction of me- what I want you to see and sometimes not really me. I think I’ll start adding more personal stuff here too since this is a space I wanna look back at maybe 20 years down the road and remember all the fond memories I have. Hopefully I don’t make a colossal ass of myself which I happen to do so frequently.

Back to studying 😦


pH 13.0

IMG_7964 IMG_7965 IMG_7970 IMG_7982 IMG_7991 IMG_8017 IMG_7968

Top & Asymmetrical Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Steve Madden, Panda Tote: Hong Kong, Face: no make up 6 hours of sleep prelims in 3 weeks

Being in JC means that every opportunity where I can go out and dress up must be grabbed and massacred like it is your bitch. Okay I don’t know what I am saying right now it is 11 pm and I did maths today, please forgive me. There is really nothing like black and white that makes an outfit instantly more pristine which suited the occasion considering it was mother’s birthday (woohoo). The skirt has an asymmetrical thing going on which gives a lot of sex appeal like “here is what one leg looks like but imma hide the other for some mystery 😉 ;)”. Finished the whole look with my Steve Madden slip-ons because I am attempting to make fancy sport shoes a social norm at semi-formal occasions. I will not conform to society’s benchmark where heels are the only way to be formal?????? okay the end.

Hope you all enjoyed yet another outfit post sorry if I sound half drunk- I am probably fully drunk.

ps: notice how the photo directly above makes me look like I have one Chinese leg and one Indian leg. God Bless the lighting.